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Tried hard, bless ‘em.


Were looking great, yet got a bit dead rubbered at stages.  Lost the plot to Australia’s tail and losing key wickets.  Sending out a nightwatchman for Collingwood was just odd, unless Anderson had just been promoted ahead of him on form.

Who’s in front

No one has grabbed this game, England still in slight control.  They’d be already in front if they’d been a touch smarter to the tail.

Play of the day

In modern cricket you get a pat on the back for average fielding, you get two pats on the back for decent fielding, three for excellent fielding, and 4 or more for Natalie Portman fielding.  Phil Hughes copped a full blooded clip off the pads at short leg, looked like he might have lost a nut, saved four, and got one pat on his back.

Testicular moment of the day

Andrew Strauss is not known as captain thunderpants when he bats.  He’s often not as dour as people say.  Today he was positive and ruthlessly efficient.  Like a guy trying to pick up at a wedding in a country town.

Working class moment of the day

Michael Beer now knows what it is like to take a test wicket.  This would be ok if he had a test wicket.  Instead one of two things happen, he finally takes one, and it doesn’t feel as good as the first, or he never does and Billy Bowden one day gets hit in a hit and run.

Weird factoid of the day

Mitchell Johnson doesn’t always get wickets after he has made runs, but that’s because sometimes he forgets he makes runs.

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12 thoughts on “previously at the scg

  1. golandaaz says:

    forget the ashes; cover the SA series instead…

  2. nick says:

    this Ashes is just boring now. aus cricket id deaf. they sre thr new WI

  3. ghurram says:

    Get Beer over to Indian domestic circuit, we’ll make sure he forgets what bowling is ?

    And UJ, please push on the SA-India series. You’re missing some fantabulous bowling by Steyn and equally mesmerizing batting from the Indians.

  4. well..look at it this of the most underwhelming Ashes of the last few years, will be finally over in a couple of days…

  5. steve says:

    This was the series that was supposed to reinvigorate Test cricket.

    Instead, we’ve all died of boredom waiting for the England team to stop pretending they are sprinklers ( can we blame them for the QLD floods?) and bugger off to that Siberian gulag they call home.

    You know things are bad when you begin to see why Twenty20 is taking over. I actually found myself enjoying the Big Bash last night.

  6. CashforHumiliation says:

    SA v India is a dood of a series.

    Proper competition with Kallis and Tendulkar playing like gods, Steyn like a gun.

  7. nick says:

    dale gonna kill india tmrp fo sure. india were on top untill kallis came on to play. but now india just it

  8. raghu says:

    JRod, You are missing a hell of a series. Kalllis 40 – what a terrific innings.

  9. sidd says:

    hmmm a draw……..

  10. horatius says:

    Man, what an exciting draw. If Dhoni didn’t lose the plot the moment Kallis hit his first reverse sweep, we may be looking at a totally different result.

  11. sidd says:

    @ horatius, if only, but you never know! That was what nade this series so exciting – Anything could have happened in any of the tight sessions in all the matches!! woah

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