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Putting England to sleep didn’t work, neither anything else.  Not dead, but starting to stink up a touch.


Bowled really well, but bowled for show, the big jaggers are pretty whilst showing that you’re bowling a bit short. Bowled better after lunch and the fact that Australia scored most of their runs through third man means good lines.

Who’s in front

England are in front.  A 150 run partnership could change that.  As could a collection of leopards let loose on the field.

Play of the day

Tim Bresnan takes the wicket of Michael Clarke and tries to celebrate with his teammates.  Instead is cleaned up by the sniping KP who knocks him over.  Earlier in the day the fun came from Watson punching his bat and Hughes headbutting his, as both were obviously solely to blame for their dismissals.

Testicular moment of the day

Home crowd, first test, first ball, clipped away with ease.  Louder home crowd, first test, second ball, pull shot for four.  It shows how brilliant Australia is going that a 37 is getting so much attention.  Usman just looked so composed that you want to like him.

Working class moment of the day

Tremlett bowled highlight reel balls early on.  Ended the day with one wicket.  Seems unfair.  Although his facial expressions rarely change, so maybe he was happy with this.

Weird factoid of the day

Usman Khajawa is now a better a batsmen in all dimensions than Andrew Hilditch ever was.

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5 thoughts on “previously at the SCG

  1. golandaaz says:

    According to Chappel, Taylor and company on channel 9, the shot that he got out to was also an indication of greater things to come.

  2. Govind Raj says:

    Usman Khajawa is now a better a batsmen in all dimensions than Andrew Hilditch ever was.

    Great Line…

    But Hilditch who ?

  3. yenjvoy says:

    This has got to be the crappiest Ashes ever with a mediocre side gleefully wiping the floor with an utterly crap side. Meanwhile they are playing Test Cricket over in Africa. When 2 teams at the height of their powers clash head-on, it obviously makes for Test Cricket at its best. Over the last decade, whenever the rising India met the sliding Australia, it was an alley fight, on a dark street, behind a bar. No holds barred and often ugly. The number 1 versus number 2 battle on in South Africa right now is a beautiful middle weight title bout by contrast. Its still a fight, but with well trained and superbly conditioned fighters going at each other with all their skill and strength and above all, the sheer will to come out winners at the end. It has brought the best out of the marquee players on either side – Steyn, Kallis, Amla, Sachin, Laxman, Zaheer, Bhajji have all lived up to their billing. Every big name player is coming good, on either side – how rare is that. It is a ridiculously even contest. Consider that we have had two run outs – one on each side – where the bowler touched a straight hit on to the stumps. When did that happen the last time in the same series. The intensity is such that Steyn bowls a first ball bouncer to ping Zaheer’s helmet, and Zaheer returns the favor when Steyn comes on to bat. There is some taunting, but its not ugly. It is adding to the contest. Steyn even had a go at Sachin today in the midst of a spell of fast balling that recalled the glory days of Malcolm Marshall. Even the clowns are coming good. Sreesanth abuses Smith’s family, breaks Kallis’s wrist and takes a 5 for in the morning and hits a four off a 87 mph Morkel missile in the afternoon when the crowd boos him. That, sir, is Cricket. Whatever they are playing in Australia this summer is a pale imitation.

  4. Dude! There was another series being played you know.And the cricket was of a much, much better quality,not to mention (cough) the sides.Not even one post,as a cricket site?

    P.S : I like your blog.Even when all you cover is a lopsided, pre-decided Ashes series.I really like it when you talk about India.

    P.P.S : Yes, I am an Indian.So bite me!

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