The Alternative Cricket Almanack

The Alternative Cricket Almanack 2011 is a collection of articles from 20 cricket writers on the net.

All proceeds from the book go to a scholarship for Afghan youth cricket. So that one day they will embarrass your country in a world cup.

The book itself veers in content from ‘Zombie Bradman’ to ‘Life in the Ladies’ Locker Room’, with the obligatory homage to Tendulkar in between. We also have our hotly anticipated Team of the Year, along with Diary of a Cricket Widow.

Buy the book here (UK, £6.75):
Buy the book here (USA, $11.70):

The proceeds from each book can buy six boxes for Afghan cricketers. That’s 12 pairs of testicles you’re offering safety, security and comfort to, for every book that you buy.

Sure, you could use your money on buying novelty t shirts or hardcore porn, but save some for this as well.