Two pricks at the ashes finish the G

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12 thoughts on “Two pricks at the ashes finish the G

  1. […] Today’s Two Pricks at the Ashes – brilliant, especially the speeded up Strauss voice. […]

  2. Sunny says:

    that settles it then. adelaide oval trumps the MCG. nice work on sponging the poms though. brilliant!

  3. yenjvoy says:

    So this is exclusively an Ashes only blog now, is that it? Because, I’d suggest then take off the cricket from the title – ‘de-cricket’ the balls, as it were. I just saw the world’s number 1 team beat the world’s number 2 team in a hard fought test match after coming back from an innings defeat in the first test, and all you have to offer is journeymen England beating a shit Australia in a one sided match, if it can be called that. The naked self absorption makes Americans look like committed internationalists by comparison.

  4. reina says:

    Wow. Someone didn’t get the Wii they wanted for Christmas this year…


  5. excellent video wrap-up. Humbleness is your hallmark.

  6. Deep Cower says:

    yenjvoy – Hardly the words for a man whose team has been sodomized by Alastair Cook. ALASTAIR COOK! Think about that, yenjvoy, and tell me that doesn’t bother you.

  7. Sami says:

    Naked self absorption? That’s almost worthy of going on a t-shirt.

  8. Christopher says:

    Haha yenjvoy you funny guy! As far as I am aware Jarrod is Australian. I’m English & for most cricket fans of English & Australian origin the Ashes is kind of a big deal. Also he is actually in Australia with a press pass to the Ashes tests so that’s basically what he’s working on at the moment.

    Chill out man, I’m sure there are blogs out there on t’internet somewhere by Indian & South African witers who won’t be interested in the fact that England have just retained the Ashes for the first time in 24 years, smashing record after record on their way, or that the team who have been the best in the world for as long as my young mind can remember have fallen so far from grace that they’re getting hammered by ‘journeyman England’.

    Start your own bloody blog if you don’t like what he’s writing about!

  9. Jrod says:

    Yenjoy, I’ve never been paid by a south African or Indian company. I have been paid by the english and Aussies, so after my 14 hour days working the ashes, I don’t have time to then write about another series. I don’t get home from the ashes until the other day is half over, so writing about it wouldn’t half assed. I write about cricket I watch. Indian companies could have offered me work, or even asked about whether i was available to work or to follow this series, they didn’t, so I’ll follow the ashes while the world’s two best teams battle thrash out a three test series.

  10. yenjvoy says:

    Deep Cower, you make an excellent point sir.
    Christopher, there are thousands of blogs by Indians, and maybe even Saffers, but there is only one J Kimber. Also, the English team is rather pathetic, and last time India played them, Yuvraj Singh sodomized them, sans lube. Beating Australia right now is sort of like beating the armless, legless knight from The Holy Grail – no limbs but lots of lip. Its like taking candy from a really ornery kid. Hell, even the Indian fans are feeling sorry for the Aussies and actually defending Punter on various online debates!! Anytime the English start believing their own press, just remember that a Bombay B side bowled out this fabulous batting line up for under 100 not too long ago. You keep up this kind of talk and I’ll ask Dhoni to take off his shirt too. If you think Ganguly was hairy, wait till you see some Dhoni chest hair. Hell, even your victory dance was thought up by Collingwood! Collingfrikkinwood!! You call yourselves a team?
    Jrod, excuses, excuses.

  11. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Well I sort of agree with yenjvoy, the author of this blog owes us coverage of the countries we support, as we pay him in weetbix and hookers, and there are no other 7 Million blogs that cover SA-IND. I am bitterly disappointed and will never make business with him again. I also demand Miller stopping his disturbing shit. HNY!

  12. Chris Weston says:

    Whoo. I don’t see much in that Indian team to worry about. The golden generation is getting older by the day. Zaheer is class but can’t keep his body together. In English conditions I suspect this current England team will be at least a match for India.

    South Africa have the best fast bowler in the world, and I shudder to think what effect he’d have had if he’d been in one of the two teams contesting the Ashes, but after that the Saffers drop off a whole lot. Check out Collingwood’s average in England’s last tour there. You might be embarrassed.

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