previously at the G


Skinned themselves alive in front 85,000 people, then 25,000.


Put the ball in the right area about 12 times, then let the ball come to them or left the balls they didn’t want to play.  Revolutionizing cricket one test at a time.

Who’s in front

England after 72.5 overs.

Play of the day

Shane Watson was dropped 2 on the way to five. Twice.  He still walked out like someone had kicked his footy on the roof.

Testicular moment of the day

The England bowling attack get this as a unit, even Swann, just for being there.  Bowling teams often lose the plot when they bowl first, and when bowling first in front of 85,000 people calling you an asshole mongrel bastard fucker, it could get to you,  Instead they stuck to the right areas and let the magic come to them.

Working class moment of the day

The MCG crowd reminded me of a country who elects a cheap suit as their leader, thinking he is some radical new kind of politician who will change their lives, then early they realize he isn’t and they all abandon him.  I sure yesterday’s cricket proves some political theory.  It also confirms why I hate people.

Weird factoid of the day

Right at the moment it is still statistically possible for Australia to win the Ashes.

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10 thoughts on “previously at the G

  1. Howe Zat says:

    “Put the ball in the right area about 12 times” – Heavily unfair on the England bowlers, Jrod. Especially Bresnan, as bowling accurately is all he does. All that was necessary yesterday, of course.

    Andy Flower and David Saker deserve at least 8 of those wickets. Real discipline in the side. Apart from the reviews – note to Strauss: don’t believe anything a wicketkeeper says, ever.

    Mitchell Johnson deserves psychiatric help.

    Steven Smith deserves to be put down humanely.

  2. Chris Weston says:

    The big question is, who’s got the momentum?

  3. Siythe says:

    Momentum is the product of Mass and Velocity.

    It’s not Mitchell Johnson due to him still being . . . well Mitchell Johnson so that rules out velocity. Which leaves us with mass so I guess the answer is Tremlett.

  4. Watson’s innings was unreal, to walk off looking hard done too after that innings was laughable.

    The English commentators were calling Phil Hughes a walking wicket, but at least watching, you could understand Hughes had a game plan.

    It may well have been a shit one, and it didn’t work yet again, but it was one more than Watto had.

  5. jogesh99 says:

    Testicular moment of the Ashes – Ponting v/s Hotspot & Snickometer – those bastards!

    Now whatever will Uncle Tom Madugalle do?

  6. It was amazing wasn’t it. To be so convinced that you are right, when you didn’t even see it yourself was as bad a judgement call as I’ve seen in some time.

    Even his own teammates looked embarrassed, you could see it on their faces in the background.

    It was more like (the football) Old Trafford, than the MCG.

    Is Alex Ferguson now in charge of the Aussie cricket team?

  7. Deep Cower says:

    “Statistically possible”? Clearly, this is the worst use of the word in recorded history. You must be Siva and Ravi’s love child.

  8. fantasy bob says:

    Oh dear – if we’re talking momentum the g forces applying to England just now must be huge. Surely Ponting is broken and can’t be mended for Sydney..or anywhere else for that matter. A sad end to a fine career.

  9. Barack Obama says:

    Who called me a cheap suit?

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