Greg Chappell land

Last night Greg Chappell said that Mitchell Johnson had been rested.

Mitchell Johnson said that Mitchell Johnson had been dropped.

Andrew Hilditch said Michael Beer would play and his knowledge of the WACA would be important.

Michael Beer didn’t play and Ponting has now said his knowledge of the conditions of Melbourne will help.

There are even rumours that the four man pace attack was not a plan but more an accident.  Like Michael Beer’s selection.

Australia won this test.

I mean really won.

Smashed by an innings and coming back to win by over 200 runs.

How is it possible that this team with this band of merry muppets who don’t even seem to know what is going on around them can win a test so easily.

Especially when they not only beat England, but also the momentum of the Adelaide win.

I like to think that Australia beat England and Greg Chappell beat the momentum. It is his windmill and he rode that donkey straight for it.

Unfortunately the donkey still might not play next game, it was always going to be rested.

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11 thoughts on “Greg Chappell land

  1. it was always, australia’s scatterbrain approach to selection vs england’s organized and methodical selections……….still, Oz managed to win….that’s cricket for you..

  2. Wonderful allusion Jrod. Needs an illustration. G Chappell told by I Chappel in that elder brother way, ‘you need to take a leaf out of the Don’. Not clear what his brother means he looks up the Don on Wikipedea from his android cellphone in the back of the dressing room. Selects wrong Don but, as Cervantes knew, it works, if you have the cavalier spirit.

  3. It will be interesting to see what they do for Melbourne. Are the selectors going to stick with a winning team like they did after Headingley in 2009.

    They had no choice but to gamble in Perth, but I’m still not convinced they really knew what the gamble was they were taking.

    With the series all level now it would be a big call to go into the next game with Smith batting 6 and playing as the front line spinner.

    They got it badly wrong at the Oval in 09, they got carried away with a big win. Will they learn this time?

  4. BenSix says:

    I think I jinxed us.

    God, if Botham was fighting Ian Chappell after the last match I’d hate to see the bloody savaging this game will have provoked. I’d guess that it’d make Mad Max look like Summer Holiday.

  5. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Possible catastrophe looming in Melbourne. Why don’t they pick a local opener, they’re good enough! *goes washes mouth* And can somebody explain me how Beer not getting a match in Vic helps him knowing the MCG pitch. The questions are doing my head in.

  6. jamie64 says:


    5/39, 146 and 110 not.

    Surely he has to take the number three position with his part time tweakers?

  7. J says:

    The good things Greg did:

    First of all, let me also clarify, I laugh as hard as any of you when Greg Chappell is being made fun of. I don’t want to defend him. But if you look close there are some positives also

    1. Fired the then underperforming Ganguly, Zaheer, Nehra, Sehwag, Irfan and never gave the cushion of comfort to serial underperformers like bhajji, Yuvraj and also criticised the big brother attitudes of some of the seniors.

    Look at the Sehwag ,Zaheer and Nehra of today and also the performance of Vintage Ganguly after his comeback. Much improved versions after a kick in their butts!!

    Irfan never improved becos’ he had too many distractions which he let affect him in his prime as a superstar.

    2. Whatever an Asshole he is, he had the balls to try and do what he believed in, against the whole indian public,board and player sentiment. The net result is India has been the world number one team for quite some time.

    The world the way it is, we never really acknowledge how one’s influence has been handy.

    Trust me, we need such “Dark Knights” at times! Being sehwagologists one shud be open to welcome such negative characters too within our fold.

  8. Rusty says:

    Love the musical reference … very very good!

    How can Australia go into the next test with the same squad? Surely being carried by 2.5 batsman might point towards some kind of improvement being required?

  9. Rishabh says:

    Of course he was rested. Everything sounds better when it works out.

  10. Suprise says:

    Anyone that survives India deserves credit. Greg’s tougher than a cockroach.

    Take it and go.

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