Phil Hughes’ problem

It isn’t the short ball that does him in it’s form.

You don’t believe me?

Look at this…

That is Australia’s team manager.

He tweeted that while Hughes was batting.

It isn’t this bullshit about the short ball that Hughes has problems with, he just doesn’t have any form so he is working out his problems by being recalled to test cricket.

Thanks to Brett for the heads up.

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9 thoughts on “Phil Hughes’ problem

  1. golandaaz says:

    Any liklihood of him playing for South Africa while his form has deserted him?

  2. growltiger says:

    It is possible that weakness agains the short stuff is a contributory factor (stops him stretching forward to the good length ball). But the real problem, which leads to him being caught somewhere between wk and gully, is the failure to get to the pitch of the length ball, compounded by never getting behind the line. He is always sliding into a counter-clockwise movement, in which his back foot moves outside leg stump, while his front foot reaches close to the line of the ball, but in a lateral plane: result is he has to play across the line, even when he thinks he is playing straight. Result: when the ball moves away, or bounces a bit more than expected, NICK. (I am not sure this fixable, because I struggled with it myself for years.)

    There is nothing wrong with his attacking play, but his survival chances against a Test attack that knows how he will fall for the three-card trick are very low.

  3. Rusty says:

    Thanks for this JRod – unbelievable stuff – team management doesn’t even believe in him! It really pisses me off that they have selected a guy who is averaging 20 in Shield cricket this year – and there is no way he doesn’t get three tests – because if they don’t what was the fkn point of selecting him in the first place … just another of the confused selections this season.

    It also means that an out of form Ponting is pretty much guaranteed to be in against the new ball every time … great thinking.

  4. warlock says:

    Maybe Hughes will become a great player one day. But this is not that day.

    Till then, the selectors need to swallow their pride, grit their teeth in the manner one does when about to rip a large plaster from a hairy spot, and … pick Brad Hodge.

  5. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Got the feeling that Hughes is a bit like Clarke, the eternal crown prince for a certain role, which he fails to fill.

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  7. SpryCorpse says:

    Shaun Marsh was supposed to be in form.
    They would have been far better off picking him. Particularly for the Perth Test.

    Hughes is 100% ‘eye’ player. Great when confident and in form. Just not now.

    btw, how composed and solid looking is Watson this series? Fantastic. If only he could go on to the big score.

  8. micky woolyams says:

    is there a selection commitee to pick the australian selectors? obviously not, since it is impossible to understand their logic. this goes back to since warne etc retired 4 yrs ago. they seem to have been very lucky this test thanks to Hussey and Johnson. I would have White in the team all the way through.

  9. Lolly says:

    And Rusty how much are they taking the piss by making their lack of faith in one of the opener’s so public? ‘Look guys, we’ve been saddled with someone who can’t bat his way out of a paper bag.’ Why don’t they just add, ‘but it’s alright cos neither can the skip or the vc so he’s in good company.’

    I think they Aus selectors actually hate Aus fans and try to give us the two-fingered salute every time they sit down at the selection table.

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