Can you blame the pitch?

The WACA is back someone will say.

The pitch was green and Australia did collapse, that must mean something.

Unfortunately for Australians looking for excuses, the wicket had very little to do with it.

Yes the signs were good, it had nice pace, not scary WACA pace, and decent carry, not throat chomping bounce.

Plus Australia’s top order did collapse.

There was some help with the new ball, not just from the pitch, but from the batsmen.

Hughes problem with the short ball is massively over rated, Hughes problem with form is quite obvious when he played a drive that Hilfenahaus would have been embarrassed by.

Ponting played against Arjuna Ranatunga at the WACA, so you’d think he knows it pretty well.  Turns out he still thinks angled bats are ok here.

Clarke could get bounced out by Alastair Cook in the second innings and he’d still be flinging his bat randomly at the ball looking like he is being chased by a bunch of scary looking flying robot snakes.

Watson’s dismissal never touched the pitch.

Smith got a good delivery that left him, so he pushed at it like he was trying to send a rich elderly relative down a set of stairs.

The pitch was a bit quicker and bouncier than usual, as has been promised for years, and there was green grass on it, but I think the Australians had the ability to collapse on a far better batting pitch than this.

Didn’t Siddle play nice drives on the up?


16 thoughts on “Can you blame the pitch?

  1. Govind Raj says:


    Very True !

    Australia played very much like the Indians of 1992 and 1999 !

  2. Ganesh says:

    A horrible start again for the aussies! :( For thes econd time in a row,the Poms have dominated the match right from First session of the match.

  3. golandaaz says:

    it was a much improved performance JRod. Almost 20 odd runs higher than what they managed at Adelaide on Day 1. Of course it was not the pitch….sheer skill with the bat, sir.

    I remember they played 4 quicks at Perth 4 years ago and lost. I don’t think there is anything Australia can do to save this series. Probably stop trying is something they haven’t tried. It might work

  4. Up Above says:

    well, cant think of anytime when the aussies made so many changes to their side every test match in any series – leave alone in the ashes.
    so maybe it is time to bit the bullet and throw ponting and clarke out.
    hussey or haddin as captain, bring in shaun marsh and the like – it definitely cannot be worse than now?

  5. Deep Cower says:

    I suggest you write two posts – one on crappy Aussie batting and the other on crappy Aussie bowling. And keep reposting these till the series ends. Writing one piece every day saying essentially the same thing seems like a giant waste of time.

  6. As usual JRod you’ve hit the nail on the head. Hughes was poor, Ponting was lucky to last 10 balls and Clarke is no more a worthy future Australian captain than Michael Beer. Watson’s anguished look (although he always seems to have one of those) told us all how likely his appeal was to succeed and Smith is patently not a test number six (at least Punter got one thing right there).

    But as a Pom, I’m lovin’ it!

  7. yenjvoy says:

    Let’s all agree to just blame Punter for everything. Its simpler that way. I don’t think he minds.

  8. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Mitch topscoring is a treat, a real treat. Haven’t counted how many times the lower order was responsible for the majority of runs in the last matches. But runs are runs, I don’t care who makes them really. Not anymore

  9. Rusty says:

    There are a lot of nails with headaches right now … Jrod, Deep Cower, The Reverse Sweep … well all the comments really. As much as it galls me – you get what you deserve when you pick a block horribly out of form (Hughes), a bloke to bat in the top order who shouldn’e be – surely if you are intent on playing him plus 4 bowlers, you bat Haddin at 6 and drop Smith down to 7 (which is still a spot too high for him) … Steve Waugh started his career at 8 I think. Anyway – lets just hope that they bowl well today to make some sort of match out of it … or at least keep the interest up into the weekend …

  10. Watching Australia perform yesterday was llike watching England a few years ago. Watching England perform yesterday was like watching Australia a few years ago.

  11. This match is heading the same way, the last one did….At this rate, Australia might as well pick some random names out of a hat for the next game…they could not do much worse…

  12. Howe_zat says:

    If the Aussie media blames this one on the pitch, it’ll be even funnier than last year. Although, sadly, this time they can’t go with the foil-hat-crazy-“Pommy pitch doctoring conspiracy” that we got with the Oval, which I for one found hilarious.

    If there was ever any bite in the pitch, it was completely gone by lunch. Peter friggin’ Siddle made more runs than the Australia top four put together, that’s how good a wicket this is now.

    Obviously we don’t know the extent of the damage until England have batted, and Australia have picked all their seamers. Par score by the clos I’d say is 320-6.

  13. Howe_zat says:


    Jarrod – no pricks at the Ashes? :(

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  15. Lolly says:

    Nah, it’s not the pitch. Punter looks like he can’t handle pretty much anything anymore, short, full, wide, close to the body, it’s all bloody handgrenades to him.

    Still, it’s always nice to watch Mitch batting well. He keeps his head so much more still than Smith or Hughes does it makes me want to weep. And he isn’t even that good anymore.

  16. Mark A says:

    The only thing that came close to the pain of watching that stuff yesterday was having Lawson on the ABC commentary.
    By the way, does one of our ( The Aussie) batsmen have so much moisturiser on his hands that the bat just slips a bit when going back-forward-nowhere ?

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