save australia spinners, just say no

Beau Casson is still missing.

Xavier Doherty is shaken.

Bryce McGain is waiting for a comeback.

Cameron White bowled medium pace for Bangalore.

Stuart MacGill didn’t finish a test.

Marcus North pretended to be a batsman.

Jason Krejza is obsessed with the number 12.

Brad Hogg would prefer to be a postman.

Steve Smith calls himself a wristy medium pacer.

Michael Beer is a moment from pain.

The Cullens don’t even see each other anymore.

Simon Katich and Michael Clarke invent injuries to get out of bowling.

Andrew Symonds became a hard drinker to survive.

Nathan Hauritz is now selling his pain.

These men are getting used and abused.

All at the hands of Andrew Hilditch, flat pitches, big bats and the world’s batsman.

It’s spinocide. A whole generation of Australian spinners in the corner of a mental ward, clicking their fingers, tossing imaginary balls from one hand to the other, streching their wrist and talking about flippers and doosras while the dribble all over each other.

Unless Cricket Australia are going to get these guys the mental support they need, they should not be thrown out on the ground to be mentally stripped naked and abused in front of a world wide audience.

It isn’t right.

Just say no to Australian spinners. They’ve suffered enough.


13 thoughts on “save australia spinners, just say no

  1. sheen says:

    Just what’s exactly the selector obsession with spinners? seriously. If we dont have any decent spinner, so be it. Play all pacers, use part time spinner like White.

    Or is that too much asking?

  2. Vim says:

    It’s true. I started feeling sorry for Michael Beer when Warney mentioned him. He’s next for the CA guillotine.

  3. Bitter Lover says:

    Seriously, the world has gone mad. Hauritz is selling his kit from the back of his garage, saying “I don’t play for Australia any more.” What about the World Cup, Nathan? I’ve got you and Xavier inked into my Aussie squad for that!

  4. Sunny says:

    nice list. india has accounted for like 5 of them.

    as for hauritz…i bet he didn’t give away his baggy green.

  5. golandaaz says:

    This will make Australian spinners extinct. Ian Chappel will get his wish…”Skip a Generation”.

  6. DonCleland says:

    The story about Hauritz selling or throwing out his gear looks like it could be a media beat-up.

    The Fraser Coast Chronicle reports that News Ltd journalist, Stephen Birch, who wrote the initial version of story admits that the story contained a number of major inaccuracies.

    He admitted that Hauritz was not in fact selling his gear at a garage sale.

  7. Deep Cower says:

    That’d would’ve made a great limerick. You ruined it :)

  8. Rusty says:

    There’s still a couple more to get the go-around before the series is up … I’m sure there is a bloke debuting for Prahran this week that could get the nod by Sydney …

  9. Sunny says:

    @sheen Nice point. Teams these days are making it out as if they can’t enter a playing field without having a spinner. Spinners are crucial, but you either learn to persist with a couple rather than staging such a ridiculous drop-select-drop-select show, or don’t play any.

    It’s time we got a charity for Aussie spinners started.

  10. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Hauritz story ‘was not accurate’ | Fraser Coast Chronicle: <a href=";

    and unnoticed by mankind Steve O’Keefe is rotting in Hilditch’s basement, chained to the heating, quietly weeping, grumbling and sighing; don’t worry SOK your time will come.

  11. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Link fail. Page not loading anyway. Here’s a screenshot: Hauritz story ‘was not accurate’

  12. hi says:

    i thought the all pace attack worked well in south africa. Id rather have someone like andrew mcdonald

  13. Matt says:

    A bizarre bit part Beelzebub?
    It’s Nathan harries strike rate
    Maybe the selectors are god fearing?
    Maybe they want a spinner to bite and spit a bit more often than the beast below?
    Either way, haurrie has crapped all over every one of the 9 other spinners in the post warne period. I choose to call this time post priapism.
    Sure, McGill got old and injured, and others were jerked off stage with a walking stick before we cd hear the punchline.

    66.6, avg sub 35, nearly 4 wickets per test.
    So, Let’s fuck him off for a dude who is our botha alike (the understudy to Harris, no shit, that bland)
    No workies? beer anyone?

    Bring hauritz back and off with hilditchs head, what a moron

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