Two pricks at the Ashes day four

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4 thoughts on “Two pricks at the Ashes day four

  1. Jarrod, Please get some subtitles for what Merv says — money? monkey, make me, maa ki?? not sure. This could be a competition in itself – readers try to figure out or make up stuff that Merv could say.


  2. Follow-through says:

    Who says you can only take a horse to the beecoughhimeanwater?

  3. knowledge_eater says:

    And don’t get pissed too much about Clarke first act like walking then stopping then tweeting, He was going to walk then he must have thought hey, Umpire didn’t give, UDRS will come in to play tom. so why not used that up, so he waited, England used up one review system, and then he tweeted about it just to remain heart throb of nation. Haha so ‘see’ no-one should have been pissed.

    He is Dark Horse of my chess game. He is not softy. lol

  4. Sunny says:

    it was a brain fade.

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