The Poms get it done

It’s easy, and fun, to slag off Australia in this match.

Instead let’s praise England. It doesn’t come easy or natural for someone of my age, but England were so dominant in this match that it was hard to remember the name of the Australian players.

Swann, Cook, Trott, Jimmy and KP all had moments where they were as good as they could be. When you have five players who are talented playing as good as they can, it means your team is a chance of doing something special.

Winning by an innings at Adelaide is something special. Quite often winning at all in Adelaide is something special.

I’ve said it many times, but England are scarily professional.

They have more support staff than Mariah Carey, and their coaching staff is so much better than any other team’s in the world, it’s like comparing a person in an acid vat to Natalie Portman.

They look relaxed off the field, gel together on it, and someone seems to do the job that is needed when it is needed.

All this doesn’t make Australia any less rubbish, but to beat Australia by an innings with a similar team that they were unbeaten last summer with, is still pretty damn impressive.

This might not be the beginning of anything, they might not even retain the ashes (a meteor could strike before perth, is just one way they won’t win) but England looked like a proper cricket team who had trained, schooled and planned how to win in Australia, then, they won.

I was impressed.

Even through my anger.

They aren’t always the most exciting team, actually, they rarely are, but they are good. Very good.

Cricket sadist out now.


30 thoughts on “The Poms get it done

  1. Howe_zat says:

    Well said Jrod, Flower is fucking quality.

    Incidentally, you seen the Black Swan yet?

  2. Sagar says:

    I am 29 years old..started watching cricket in 87. Been a religious follower of the game for 23 years. In this time, I haven’t seen Aussies beaten this badly! Feels surreal and sad…

  3. Cameron Nelless says:

    It must be difficult to watch Australia at the moment? The empty seats at Brisbane would have told you that. Their brand of cricket is far removed from that of the days of Warne and Mcgrath.

    Australia need a new captain; a new direction. Or perhaps they need to feel the support of their home crowd! Where is the hostility toward the Poms?!

    And let it be known that England are most definitely one of the most attractive cricket sides; test matches in England usually end in a result, more than can be said for those flat pitches in the sub-continent.

  4. golandaaz says:

    Will Ponting survive this…?

  5. jogesh99 says:

    So is England already #1 or not?

  6. Pete says:

    When do England tour India next?

  7. Lou says:

    KP back in form is pretty exciting. I’d be happy to watch a 200 of his if it wasn’t in the middle of the night. Happy to miss one of Cook’s though.

    They look very good don’t they?

    And the Aussies look horrible. Came into the series with stuff all confidence (rightly so) and whatever they had is gone.

  8. Straddler says:

    Brilliant work by England…especially Anderson on Day 1 (my MoM for a game changing spell on a good batting track). Also kudos to Cook, Pietersen and Swann…telling contributions.

    But I have to say I’m taken aback by the poor cricket from a still pretty talented bunch of Aussie cricketers! I mean Hussey’s dropped catch early on Day 2 (when Oz were still in it), Haddin’s drop later, the surprisingly mediocre (especially in speed and hostility) bowling by Bollinger as well as Siddle. So while England are playing at their best, for once the Aussies are more than helping the opposition’s cause.

    Hoping for a better standard of cricket from Oz in Perth…no matter which XI take the field!

  9. Straddler says:

    Btw, have to disagree with your last line Jrod…England have some pretty exciting talent & skill these days: 1) Simply gorgeous batting from Bell 2) Almost equally gorgeous swing from Anderson 3) Domineering batting from Pietersen 4) Guile and spite from Swann, and 5) Attacking field sets by Swann + Strauss (far removed from their opposite number)

  10. Suresh Subrahmanyan says:

    India are currently ranked world number 1 in test cricket – a fact usually received with derision and scorn by many so called pundits. “They’ve mostly played on placid home tracks”, “They’ll get thrashed in Australia, SA or England” etc. That’s as may be and it’s no fault of Dhoni’s men that that’s the way ICC’s schedules have been fixed. The nay sayers will have their moment shortly when India take on SA in the latter’s den.

    Meanwhile, since this thread is about England’s dominance in the just concluded test at Adelaide, here’s some mouth watering face offs we can anticipate during next year’s Indian summer in England – Dhoni vs Strauss, Tendulkar vs Pietersen, Harbhajan vs Swann, Zaheer Khan vs Anderson and Virender Sehwag against all comers !

    By the way, Dhoni is yet to lose a test series as captain !

  11. V R N says:

    thank you for not slagging the aussies. we are down and will need to go a long way before being able to get back to our glory days. support is what is needed now. and get rid of hilditch, punter. do it with some new ideas.

  12. Nathan says:

    For a little while I was concerned that an Australian fan in Perth will jump out from the crowd, storm the pitch and tackle an English player but then I stopped and thought ‘Australians in the crowd? In this series?” and realised was nothing to worry about.

  13. TR Vivek says:

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  14. martin says:

    Well played England. A top performance by the team with the ball, in the field and especially with the bat. My question is what on earth did Hussey think he was doing playing that shot given the game situation? Australia had to bat all day. Had they done so they might have wiped out the run deficit and made England have to bat again to score the necessary runs to win, but batting time was the key. In the type of situation where runs are essentially an irrelevance why on earth would you most likely saviour play such a risky and unnecessary shot? When Strauss got out in a similar fashion in Brisbane in the second innings in 2006 I could cheerfully have killed him for his stupidity. It beggars belief to be honest. They call Hussey mister Cricket? Mister C*** more like.

  15. Lou says:

    Martin, he was in rescue mode for the third innings in a row. Considering Clarke’s high jinks the day before, North’s essential uselessness and Punter’s almost complete air of ennui by day 3, the blame boat is fairly crowded but Huss is still standing on the shore buying his ticket.

  16. Rusty says:

    @ Straddler 16:55 – no defence of the Australian play for this game, and kudos to the English for playing very well, but just out of interest, at what time in this match would you have suggested that Ponting set an attacking field? Perhaps when Australia were bowled out for 245? Perhaps when the non-spinning spinner was bowling? Perhaps when England were 2/230-odd in a couple of sessions on day 3? Ponting cops plenty of criticism – a lot of it justified, but for not setting attacking fields? When he had the best spinner in the world playing for him (as Strauss does now), sure no problems, attack away, and he did.

    @ Lou 20:45 – Well said

  17. Rusty says:

    Oh and Suresh – I am genuinely looking forward to both the India v SA and India v England series’ in the coming 6 months – some very exciting cricket coming up!!

  18. Matt says:

    Nice words Lou

  19. England are playing like Australia used to. Big runs from a classy and in-form batting line up, penetrative bowling from an attack offering pace, bounce, both kinds of swing and a top class spinner, backed up with very sharp fielding.

  20. martin says:

    Lou you make a fair point. Hussey has performed well overall in this series but it is such a stupid way to get out. Its undisciplined.

    Watson, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey Haddin and Harris will be in Perth but I wonder about the rest. I guess Phil Hughes comes in for Katich but what other contenders are there? Having dropped Hilfenhaus and Mitchell J after one test can they be brought back one test later? Has Nathan hauritz been sleeping with the selectors’ wives? i cant see why he was abandoned in favour of Xavier.

    By contrast England have lost Broad for the rest of the series but I’m not worried in the slightest. Tremlett offers steep bounce, Shazad is swift and Bresnan looks like the man that ate all the pies. I would consider dropping Collingwood and playing an extra bowler. Bell is wasted at six and it would allow England to play Panesar in Sydney where two spinners should be an advantage.

  21. patgarrett says:

    Hussey is not a match saver. He gets the runs he needs to save his own ass, but forget about him saving the team. Happened at the Oval in 2009, and happened again today.

  22. Deep Cower says:

    My predictions for the next test: Mitchell Johnson will be picked, and will decimate the English top order. Australia will win the ashes 2-1.

    You heard it here first. Bookmark this page.

  23. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Hussey is not a match saver. He gets the runs he needs to save his own ass, but forget about him saving the team.

    World T20 v Pakistan, ODI series v India 2009 (just those I remember)… your description would rather to apply to North or even Clarke I’d say

  24. Look..every team has its glory days…in the 80s, it was West Indies, in the 90s and early 2000s, it was Australia, and now it is India and England…..before you know it, the cycle will turn, and Australia or even Sri Lanka will be back on top…the least Australia can do is to keep things in perspective….make decisions based on logic, instead of emotion…..dropping hauritz, picking doherty and retaining north are all examples of muddled selectorial policies…Australia need someone like Mark Taylor or even Steve Waugh to be in charge of the rebuilding that they can build a team for the future..i’m afraid this series is already lost for them…might as well, go down with dignity….it will be sad, if a great player like Ponting will be remembered for this disaster, than for his many previous achievements..

  25. straight Rod says:

    aussies are rubbish right now. well played england!

  26. Matt says:

    Pat- I was particularly upset with Hussey’s selfish and insular 195 in Brisbane- It was as though the corpse with pads had been reanimated, esp the way he stonewalled Swann.
    And Adelaide was altogether a lower blow again, scoring a soporific 93 in the first innings when the game was clearly there to be taken by the scruff of the neck. Backing up in the 2nd innings with a 50 also shameful, really letting the team down in order to save his own hide…


  27. Sunny says:

    one test win in australia in decades and england are the best team in the world? come on!

  28. Matt says:

    I reckon the Poms must be close to best on the world- been a long time since anyone has made us their bitch like the Poms have done in the last 7 cricketing days, even the windies in their prime would struggle to find 7 consecutive days like that. The big test for England is the rest of the world… bring it on!

    My goodness I love test cricket…

  29. Hewy says:

    As soon as the test finished and before the presentations, the 3 non-playing English bowlers were out in the middle bowling on that 5th day wicket whilst coaching staff kept a close eye on who was doing what with the ball in virtual match conditions.

    Simple stuff, but light years ahead of Nielson et al.

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