Dizzy’s statue out bowls Australia

Today the Jason Dizzy Gillespie statue was unveiled in the Adelaide Oval members.

Considering Dizzy’s hair and general aura, it seems weird that he would get a statue in the Member’s area instead of the outer.

The problem for Australia is that Dizzy’s statue, capturing him just moments after delivery, was the best bowling seen at the ground all day, by some way.

The reason being that Ponting had little to do with the statue.

If he was in charge of it, it would have been instructed to bounce players out with a short legside boundary, or bowl so wide that the stumps are no more than a serving suggestion.

The statue’s output was not sullied by a great batting pitch, or even a extremely in form English batting line up and the hostile crowd never seemed to annoy it.

It just stood there, and that was far better than anything any of Australia’s front line bowlers did.

Fans of the statue claim that it keeps the runs down, while critics point to it’s lack of wickets.

Either way, everyone had to admit that the statue definitely looked like a bowler, while most people couldn’t decide who in the Australian attack looked like one.

The statue declined to comment on rumours it has been asked about fitness for Perth.

The Cricket Sadist is out now.

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10 thoughts on “Dizzy’s statue out bowls Australia

  1. Pete says:

    wonder what the fewest wickets by a team in an Ashes series is

  2. golandaaz says:

    1926 (39 wickets)

    1986/87 (71 wickets) at home

    All 5 match or more series


    Also its the first time 2 different batsmen scored 200s in consecutive tests against Australia.

  3. Vim says:

    They really have backed themselves into a corner. Unless there are injuries they can’t return to Hilfy or Johnson after one test. that would look even stupider than they do already. Doherty’s head is obviously on the chopping block though and I can only assume that the selectors are praying that Kat is injured so they can bring a new batsman in.

    That is, if he admits that he is too injured to play.

  4. poopsie says:

    Gee he looks impressive. I hope he did not spill any of the beer in his left hand. He would probably be more helpful if he could produce another innings similar to that against the Toigers

    At least when they get to the G they will be able to wheel out a cavalcade of match ready statues, including everyone’s favourite non-cricketer, Ron Hitler Barassi

    So Ricky Whatareya? Yob or Wanker?

  5. Did they unveil any statues of boundary fielders as well?

  6. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    According to the SACA this is just the first of a series of statues they want to put up around the ground, locals are seriously wondering why Gillespie, and should there not also be a Cosgrove one then.
    Well, here’s the video…, an interview with the artist and some words from the portrayed subject.

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  8. Rob G says:

    I think locals are really wondering “Why NOT Gillespie?” One of, if not, THE premier cricketers who have represented South Australia and Australia.

    They don’t come much better!

    hopefully the next ones are for Boof and Hookesy!

  9. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Personally I would’ve started with Clem Hill etc

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