Australia drop catches, I eat oysters

Apparently there are oysters in the press lunch tent.

Yes, the have lunch tents here.

Adelaide may be thought of as the bogan capital of the world, but out the back of the members they proper posh it up.

Pimm’s tents, Champagne, prawns, and a lot of people in straw hats.

Australia is showing no such class, in 6 1/3 days of cricket, they’ve dropped 8 catches, missed some run outs, and looked rather more sloppy, like the other side of Adelaide Oval where I was called a cunt yesterday.

So why would I spend my time writing about them, when instead I could be eating oysters.


7 thoughts on “Australia drop catches, I eat oysters

  1. golandaaz says:

    If you were Johnson, would you secretly be happy at Australia’s plight?

  2. ElishaCook says:

    If I were Hilfenhaus, I would.

  3. MaulaJatt says:

    Thats what we do as well. We eat prawns at a restaurant, while Pakistan drops catches. Then, praise England. And play a pin a tail on stuart broad game in the garage. Also, I’m sure cunt isn’t the worst thing you’ve been called or is it?

  4. Rob says:

    Missed run-outs? Most of them missed the whole popping crease…

  5. Lou says:

    Strangely fascinating waking up each morning and hearing yet worse news each time. I suppose this is payback for all that ghastly hubristic nonsense las summer when the West Indies with a decimated attack could have beaten us in Perth and the Pakistan team ‘should’ have beaten’ us at the SCG.

    Will the Aussies ever take 20 wickets again?

    Will they ever get the mighty Alistair Cook out?

    Now that is some line to write.

  6. Phred says:

    Always amusing when the Vics go on about SA being full of “bogans” (a word invented by East Coast Aussies). I mean, you HAVE seen what appears on Sam Newman’s Street Talk, haven’t ya mate? That’s in Melbourne … *g*

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