lunch on day one at adelaide

Australia – couldn’t have had a worse start if their bus was hit by a bomb.

England – can thank Anderson, but the real work starts here.

Watson – planted the front foot a mile down the wicket (especially for Finn).  May have been out if he didn’t run Katich out, as the LBW would have been referred.

Katich – N/A

Ponting – virtually N/A

Clarke – scared by a previous short ball from Broad, played what could best be described as a piss poor attempt at a drive.

Hussey – this new Hussey looks less likely to bat himself into a large hole than the other one.

Anderson – is in Johnny Cash form.  Always seems to deserve more wickets than he gets at the moment.

Broad – bowled well, but not Anderson like.

Swann – kept it tight before being hit 110 metres by Watson.

Finn – Watson played him like an eager medium paced net bowler.

Fielding – Trott was handy.

Lunch – sweet and sour battered chicken and rice.

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5 thoughts on “lunch on day one at adelaide

  1. Pete says:

    battered chicken, sounds like our team

  2. Sach says:

    Who’s lunch? And how much?

  3. golandaaz says:

    Its a rerun of Brisbane with reles reversed

  4. golandaaz says:

    why does the CSQ cover look like Tintin? Also it usually takes longer for your books to ship to the US than it took you to write it. It seems like I ordered WFBJ last year and amazon is still figuring out how to send it to me

  5. martin says:

    ouch! What was all that at the end of the day between Ponting and Strauss? Was RIcky raging against the dying of the light?

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