Two pricks at the Ashes: Adelaide Preview

We have a theme tune.

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2 thoughts on “Two pricks at the Ashes: Adelaide Preview

  1. Bottom Edge says:

    Not sure about the ropey theme tune, but loving this series.

  2. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The theme rules, especially upon the second listen at the end. I think the lyrics are good as well. The ropeyness is caused by the guy’s resemblance to Nathan Bracken.
    I think Sam is getting more confident now and everything is getting smoother and better with each episode. Brilliant job this, not saying this because I’m an absolute whatevercast-junkie… it’s really awesome, the cuts and clips are stupid and hilarious, you guys should continue this series after the Ashes. The starting joke was bloody brilliant, or perhaps that’s just me, but I could wet myself over such shit

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