Ponting gets momentum

Ponting does like to make a point.

Whether it is with a fuck you hundred or a 400 page diary in which he reiterates points he has made earlier, the man likes you to know exactly what he wants you to know.

Ponting will tell the press that it wasn’t just because of his bowlers that England made a kabillion runs for the loss of only one wicket, just so he had evidence, he went about scoring as quick as he could.

It was like a child saying, “look, see, I told you, I bloody told you it was the pitch”.

As if by making runs and pointing this out to the press, everyone will ignore that Mitchell bowled like I synchronize dive.  And the rest of the attack didn’t make him look that bad.

Still, if your bowlers have embarrassed you, it is nice of the opposition captain to let you bash them around for a bit.

On the 27th of December, this Gabba pitch will start breaking up.  They should bring the aussies back then just to see if it was the pitch, or they really are that shit.

By then, they might have won or lost the ashes.

The good thing for Ponting and Strauss is that now neither of them will have nightmares about losing 5-0.

Their loss will now not be a psychological bad number, and I’m sure that will calm them both down.

At this stage in the ashes, everyone talks about momentum.

The momentum is with Australia as they were smashing England around at the end if the match, they were momentuming all over England’s face.

From what I can tell from any number of experts, that is how momentum works, isn’t it?

So Australia are odds on to win the next test.  You heard it hear first.

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17 thoughts on “Ponting gets momentum

  1. steve says:


    No apostrophe needed.

    As to Australia’s performance – no comment

    As to Siddle not getting ManoftheMatch – he wuz robbed by a pasty faced public school twat. It’s class bias, I tell yer

  2. Suprise says:

    Punter saved me from vomiting. To think Cook is that good was making me feel sick.

    Oh well maybe Emo’s’ * will take up cricket now.

    * Apostrophe fuckup solidarity.

  3. Suprise says:

    As much as I hate Victorians (who doesn’t), I reckon MacDonald holding up an end (restricting the run rate) would be a good thing. What do you reckon? Is it what our attack (no jokes please) is lacking?

  4. steve says:


    Harris has just taken 4 wickets, Bollinger 2, Macca doesn’t even seem to be playing.

  5. Sunny says:

    carrot-top is out injured. how abt george? i like how the redbacks rolled tassie.

  6. jogesh99 says:

    Its all strategy Jrod, Ponting is just lulling the Brits – devilish!
    See, they din’t even let Petersen or Bell get a 2nd innings bat.

    Momentum to lose the captaincy – yup, hes got it alright. Halfway through the series you think, like sobby little nice guy Kim.

  7. Matt says:

    Dancing Doug and ripe rhino in
    Dohritz and Fred flinstone out

  8. martin says:

    1 / 517 (Declared). I Never thought that I would be alive to witness England putting together a score like that. The fact that it was made against Aussie away at the Gabba (graveyard of so many english Ashes sides) and after facing a first innings deficit of 221 makes the whole thing so much more surreal.

    Personal astonishment aside, how can a pitch that allowed batsmen to score 605 runs for the loss of two wickets in the final two days of the match be suitable for test cricket? Aside from the thousands of English Barmy Army fans, was there anyone else in the ground to see it? I want England to win, but I’m a fan of cricket as a sport first and foremost; and this testmatch has done little or nothing for the game as a whole.

    Perhaps some or all of the following measures should be brought in. Stop rolling the pitch between innings, don’t cover them so they can be affected by inclement weather, let the bowlers use vaseline, sandpaper, semtex, glucose semen or whatever the hell they like on the ball to get the thing to deviate and get rid of the referral nonsense. Perhaps then I might get to listen to a Test match that really does test the skills of batsmen in a contest against quality bowlers

  9. Matt says:

    I think they banned sementos after fresco said he sucked on them to assist with swinging in the 05 ashes.

  10. Matt says:

    Or tresco if you prefer

  11. Kim says:

    Agree the point that Strauss was overly nice in letting Ponting & Co have some batting practice instead of trying to wear out their bowlers, give KP & Colly some much needed time in the middle and destroy Mitchell’s will to live completely. Also odd was his decision on day 3 to continue with his frontline bowlers to wrap up the Oz innings when Eng were so far behind they couldn’t have won. If the pich hadn’t flatted out the way it did he’d have been in serious trouble. Better to have contained the Oz run making fest, but keep them there & force them to make a (probably too late) declaration.

  12. Sunny says:

    the momentum is with @theashes!

  13. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Sunny, Adelaide isn’t Hobart. How about Aiden Blizzard ^^
    Agree with Steve on Siddle getting robbed of the MOTM.

  14. Chris Weston says:

    Ponting was fed up with his bowlers, with the catch that was turned down by the third ump, by the fielding, including his own drop. He was always going to come out and make a score, by any means. If he hadn’t batted on the last day, that grim determination would have been fermenting all the way to Adelaide. His 50 today will lance that boil and he’ll be less effective in Adelaide because of it.

    Also, Watson was the most likely wicket taker for Australia. He’s a far better and more selective bat now too. I feel a bit sick.

  15. steve says:


    or give him the “impetus” to continue such form in Adelaide.

    OR should I say “momentum”?

  16. John A says:

    It was jolly nice of the English to let some Aussie have a bit of a bat at the end. Most sporting when if it was the Aussies, they’d have bloody well have had the Poms bowl all 94 overs to knacker them out for Adelaide.

    It looks like Mitchell Johnson’s career is on hold for a good while. I still cannot see the point of Marcus North. And X Doherty is so out of his depth he needs scuba.

  17. Chris Weston says:



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