previously at the gabba


Lost their first wicket after tea, but then collapsed, like the soft bastards they are.


Gave it their all for just over an hour, then really didn’t feel it.  They got sloppy in the field, but even sloppier in their minds.

Who’s in front

Finally this test has a team in front.  221 is far enough in front to not worry about losing the game, winning the game is still some wickets away.

Play of the day

That moment when you realised you weren’t watching a test in 2010, that Channel 9 had slipped in an old tape just to persuade the Australian fans to watch the rest of the summer.  It couldn’t be real, look at how easy Australia are making this look, bloody Channel 9.

Testicular moment of the day

Brad Haddin swallowed his bat yesterday, that continued this morning.  Then, out came the normal Haddin, and by that time England had not much left to stop him.  Some vocal critics (me) believe Paine should have com in for Haddin, he weren’t about making my comments look stupid.  Still, he dropped a fucken sitter in the first innings, off Anderson, so only a hundred would make up for that.

Working class moment of the day

Finn took six wickets on debut.  There should be naked nubile nymphomaniacs thrown to him.  Instead the best he can ask for is a solemn pat on the back and someone buying him dinner tonight.

Weird factoid of the day

Michael Hussey’s scream killed 7 dogs.

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2 thoughts on “previously at the gabba

  1. SpryCorpse says:

    Haddin superb. I can’t believe some of his driving.
    I don’t know if I’ve seen Paine bat much but I don’t think he could do anything like what Haddin can.
    Haddin’s keeping? Usually he’s pretty reliable, I think.

    I guess it’s good to have options…..

  2. BenSix says:

    I’ve always loved cricket…

    For the moment…

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