lunch on day 4 at the gabba

Australia – too easy to score off, lacking menace.

England – easy does it.

Strauss – took a while to get going then did get going and with some help from Mitchell Johnson’s loving hands.

Cook – out batted Strauss.

Hilfenhaus – looked down on verve.  Can he verve up?

Siddle – is still in form, but didn’t get it 100% right.

Johnson – Rubbish bowling. Rubbish Moustache. Rubbish batting. Rubbish tattoos. Rubbish Fielding.

Watson – the ball didn’t move so all we had was his stop motion bowling action.

Doherty – Tight and unlucky, Hauritzesque.

North – lunch spell.

Gabba – You can only bring a bag into the ground if you have one zipper or less, because, you know, they’re mental here.

Fielding – fine except for the only chance they had offered in the whole session.

Over rates – shit.

Lunch – Roast beef (ok), roast potatoes (nice) and white rice.


6 thoughts on “lunch on day 4 at the gabba

  1. For all the shit Johnson rightly got for the drop, there was no mention at all on the Sky commentary about how garbage and stupid the shot was!

    Still a long way to go for England. I’m not convinced!

  2. BenSix says:

    Do you know what I love? Cricket.

  3. Rich Abbott says:

    Quality stuff guys. Look forward to tonight’s installment…

  4. Bollinger in for Johnson at Adelaide?

  5. Epicureorxfb says:

    I worry for a man’s mental health when he has rice with a proper roast dinner

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