previously at the gabba


Hung around just well enough to still be in a position to break even with England or take a handy lead.  Bad luck, injured batsmen and Marcus North were heavy around their necks.


Bowled well without too much help from Swann or the pitch.  Strauss lost the plot at several times, yet a new ball on a new day against could be tasty.

Who’s in front

There is no in front, just more push and shove.  I do actually heart this test.

Play of the day

Came before the day’s play when probably only one person saw it.  Monty was doing a simple high ball fielding drill, and managed to drop two absolute sitters and then bolt after them.

Testicular moment of the day

As you may have noticed, I’ve been hard on Mike Hussey.  Not without fucking documented proof.  Hussey has been rubbish for so long even Channel 9 crawled back out of his rear passage.  This was about as far from rubbish as Hussey has been since he became the statistic anomaly.  Positive, dismissive of Swann and for once looking like he wanted to make runs not crawl into the fetal position waiting for a mother figure to comfort him.

Working class moment of the day

Broad seemed like the most in form of the bowlers, and he took no wickets.  That must suck.  I’ve felt like that all of my life.

Weird factoid of the day

Australian opening partnerships are now more likely to outscore the next 5 partnerships than not.


If you look at the exclusive jrodeye data, Clarke faced 50 balls. 7 of them he played well.  4 he played in a way that made you almost chuck up.  26 made you want to kill old women.  8 made you laugh.   4 made you snore. 1 made you doubt technology.


4 thoughts on “previously at the gabba

  1. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Hope Huss and Haddin can carry on from here, it’s gonna be difficult but I wouldn’t put it past them, they may not be as feral as Sehwag but they are two.
    Well I think everybody (who is not English) had a bad feeling when Clarke boldly declared himself fit…

  2. warlock says:

    It’s rough on the Poms when the ball doesn’t heat up the bat enough.

  3. Fair play to Hussey, although if you give a bloke enough chances he will come good eventually.

    Speaking as a pom who has had to endure Cook and Collingwood for the past few years.

  4. jogesh99 says:

    Oh no – a Collingwood 100 to follow!

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