lunch at the gabba on day three

Australia – weathered the storm with the help of reviews and lack of reviews. Then got aggressive and suddenly looked very Australian.

England – bowled as well as they have for any period in England since, who knows when, for an hour. Then panicked when Haddin came at them.

Haddin – had been batting in a giant tub of marshallows, then jumped out of them naked holding an uzi to surprise England. Lucky to survive the guile of Collingwood.

Hussey – given a lifeline with one review, and lucky to survive with another because England didn’t have a review. Then made his hundred and showed what three years of shit form can do to your celebration.

Broad – good, very good. Still wicketless, and I think 111 overs into your first test in Australia that would get to you.

Anderson – as good as he can bowl with a kookaburra ball, should have had Hussey. Was very wordy, quite rightly because he was bowling like a kinky demon.

Finn – floating it up again. It wasn’t horrible, it also wasn’t Broad or Anderson.

Swann – Half tracker, hit over his head, and sweepers out. Australia is not kind on finger spinners.

Collingwood – Haddin treated him like he was a bug flying around him, it almost got Collingwood a wicket, it didn’t.

Fielding – Cook dropped Haddin, it was tough. Trott fell over. Other sloppiness creeped in, not making them horrible, just less than before.

Over rates – ok, if I am reading the score board right.

Lunch – Sweet and sour pork, that I didn’t like, roast lamb, and a chicken curry. Seems like the curry was best.


5 thoughts on “lunch at the gabba on day three

  1. Dave says:

    It all hurts. Much.

  2. knowledge_eater says:

    Aus. should speed up now, its sunnier now, won’t get little bit of help from overcast thingy, but Siddle actually didn’t need the condition though. But looking at number of overs, I think its time for Aus. to push faster, if they don’t want England to escape for a draw.

  3. BenSix says:

    Can anyone recommend a decent rugby blog? For reasons unrelated to anything anywhere I’ve realised that it’s the sport of kings and cricket’s shit.

  4. Justin says:

    Didn’t eat?

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