Two pricks at the Ashes: pilot

As part of cricket with balls half assed attempt to cover the ashes, we’ve started our own chat show with Sampson.

This is just the test one, it will get better, I’m pretty sure.

Especially sound quality wise.

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7 thoughts on “Two pricks at the Ashes: pilot

  1. Micky Jay says:

    Apart from the shit house video quality, nice first up effort lads. Will be tuning in!

    Headline of the day?

    Blazing Siddles

    (may or may not have borrowed that from someone else on twitter or somewhere)

  2. Gypsy Phantom says:

    Jeez, you carried that JRod (jRod? Jrod? JROD?). Fell asleep listening to your mate Posh Spice at about the 4:00 mark when he started droning on about Siddle, but was alert and slightly/hugley aroused when you mentioned Bell’s eyes.

    PS – What happens in the rest of the interview past the 5:00 mark?

    • jrod says:

      Gypsy, I’ll paddle him into line for you.

      Mickey, think I have fixed the quality, but can’t make it too good as internet connection couldn’t handle it.

  3. Sam Collins says:

    Gypsy. I’m there to come across like a straight, posh twat so Jarrod appears insightful and off-the-hook amusing… It’s an old trick

  4. The Beggy Groin says:

    I never noticed how small your head is, jRod. Freakishly small. One of us, one of us,gooble garble, one of us. Or maybe Mr Sampson is a giant? The name is probably a clue.

    I hope you are enjoying the rednecks’ paradise that is my hometown and say hi to my mum. She’s that rotund lady in her seventies – you are bound to bump into her, we all know each other in Brisbane. That’s ’cause we’re all related.

    A certain Gary N told me before play started today that Oz would get at least 400. Ah, the English.

  5. Micky Jay says:

    Thanks Jrod. 2nd edition has much better (video) quality. I’ll judge the third when you’re allowed to post it!

    Quality of 2nd edition is also of a reasonable standard.

    As a show of my gratitude, I offer a warm plastic cup of mid strength beer on Day 4 should you wish.

  6. Miriam says:

    Is Sam’s shirt unbuttoned all the way down?

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