tea on day at the gabba

Australia – the story of their recent tests, opening partnership 78, next five wickets 65.

England – had some luck and North at the right time, then just couldn’t work out how to bowl to Hussey in form, as it’s been a while since they’ve seen it.

Ponting – sodomized down the legside.

Katich – Krab-punched one back to Finn.

Clarke – Like boiling puppies in a glass bowl with several cameras situated around them. Finn did the gentlemanly thing.

Hussey – just survived early on. Then he batted like he should have for the last 3 years, he saw bad balls and backed himself to hit them.

North – Didn’t survive the first under bet in my Marcus North betting system.

Haddin – brought out his drive, looked tighter than Clarke or North.

Swann – His first four over’s in this match cost him 34, his next six, 4 runs for 1 wicket.

Anderson – lucked out with Ponting, then had fun with Clarke for a while. Still not too much movement.

Broad – no wickets without looking like he has no wickets.

Finn – got one wicket with a half volley and another with a short shit ball, inbetween that he bowled ok without wetting any whistles.

Collingwood – bowled for shits and giggles.

Fielding – tidy.

Over rates – still behind.


4 thoughts on “tea on day at the gabba

  1. The Coder says:

    Yo Poms!! Eat this :

    The ‘best’ spinner in the world?
    1. Has an average of 40 vs India n Australia
    2. Hasn’t played against Sri Lanka.
    3. Has a combined wicket tally of 70 against Bangladesh+Pakistan+West Indies off his total of 114 wickets.

    Way to go cricket experts.

  2. Corey says:

    England probably didn’t have a bowling plan to Hussey, as they never thought the Australian selectors would be daft enough to select someone who’s been out of form for nearly 2 years.

  3. Venkata Pendyala says:

    Uncle Jrod;
    As a brethern in the Cricket Sadist Community; I think it would be fun and a great deal of sadistic pleasure to send the Poms to a 5 test marathon to India next summer just for fun after the Ashes.
    The Aussies are shit these days but the Poms must be pumelled.

    And I am sure now that Marcus North is a big part of a devious plan by the Poms. He is a fucking MI6 Spy Agent 001 (His score). I think he will score 7 sometime and we can call him Agent 007. WTF is he doing in any team even if scores a century next innings or in India (against some really shitty bowling; exclude Zak)

  4. knowledge_eater says:

    Ahaa Thanks The Coder .. So great spinner has 44 wickets against others.

    Swann debut in 2008 into test cricket world. He is newbie to this format. And everyone know this including Swann himself. hhaha and people who don’t this have no idea other than follow sensationalism.

    Can Swann win the Ashes for Poms !! Can he can he ??

    I personally think he has long way to go to be called Great. But he is the pioneer of funny tweets thats for sure. :D

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