Previously at the Gabba


Never quite got going, except for Siddle.  Had some luck with shit shots, fielded quite poor.  If you bowl a team out on the first day and lose no wickets, it’s not a bad day when you’ve lost the toss.


Just never really turned up.  A few looked good, Bell looked better than good, but in the end it was a poor effort on this pitch.  They did beat the KRUD system, which is a win.

Who’s in front

There haven’t been many big scores at the Gabba this year, so England’s score isn’t horrible.  That said, this aint a Gabba green top, so Australia only have to bat like competent cricketers (not always their thing of late) and they should be at least 150 in front.

Play of the day

Peter Siddle’s collar.  While Siddle was destroying England, his collar was clearly left over from his Halloween costume as Bela Lugosi’s Dracula.  For years his family will have to see this footage, and while they’ll be excited for him, they won’t be able to watch it without taking the piss out of him.  Although, if Anderson wears it, we’ll know it’s a trend.

Testicular moment of the day

A lot of people said Siddle shouldn’t be in the side.  His first two wickets proved that those claims were nonsense. His next three put him it the record books.  The last one was just for laughs.

Working class moment of the day

There were few naked in a birdcage moments from Ian Bell, but this was a class knock.  The only thing you could fault him on was when he was batting with Cook he never took the day away from Australia.  In every other way this was a very top class knock, it just wasn’t a hat trick or a six wicket haul.

Weird factoid of the day

Australia has never lost a test when Siddle has taken a hat trick or a five wicket haul.

Crowd moment of the day

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, takes it up the bum.

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2 thoughts on “Previously at the Gabba

  1. Venkata Pendyala says:

    The Crab did the unthinkable. He has a double digit strike rate at end of play. That is teh Play of the day, The Weird Factoid of the day rolled into one. I think this overshadows the minor event of a hattrick against the Poms. Any achievement against England post Ajit Agarkar’s century at Lords can only be regarded as meaningless. It is clearly a problem if it did not happen against the Poms ( I blame the umps on all ocassions it does not happen).
    Just because the Aussies sucked big time (twice) in England does not mean the Poms deserve to be pummeled.

    The Poms may have testicles or not (I think KP’s batting stance suggests he has has ~9) but clearly no sauce in the balls.

    I think the Aussies are going to be 120 ahead. Thats my bet on this.

  2. It was a typical English batting display, under par as usual. Collingwood failed yet again, yet all the talk has been about dropping KP – who scored more runs (not many mind you) that Collingwood did in last test series against Pakistan.

    Will now have a knock on effect on the way England bowl, there is no way they will be as attacking as they should be, if the runs had been scored that should have been.

    All-in-all, it was the usual bollocks.

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