Lunch on day two from the gabba

Watson – showed a gentle patient side, played some pretty drives and then Anderson and him whispered sweet nothings in his ear before Anderson squared him up.

Katich – Got hit, looked injured, was dirty and seemed to be dug in for one of his 80 odds.

Ponting – the short leg came in for him, he was edgy, very edgy, he looked like he’d been defrosted by the 2243 Australian cricket team and sent out there.

Broad – was the man early on. Looked like he was going to test Australia, and he did, but not with wickets.

Anderson – was better than last night, the kookaburra still won’t react how he wants it. His second spell was very good, worked Katich and Watson over, before getting Watson and telling him about it. Metrosexual one-upmanship.

Finn – started with one his parents will ignore. Floated up full balls, not the best start, far from a complete mental breakdown.

Swann – N/A.

Fielding – Missed a run out when Prior and Cook couldn’t work out the best way to get Katich run out, and gave away some overthrows. Tighter than Australia the day before.

Over rates – shit.

Lunch – white rice, some chicken I think, and maybe ham.


3 thoughts on “Lunch on day two from the gabba

  1. golandaaz says:

    Aussies seem to be inclined to take their chances against Swann.

  2. Chris says:

    What kind of ham?

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