The amazing story of the first ball of the Ashes

For a long time music and talking filled the ground, then it all stopped.

The pitch was empty as the umpires strolled out there and Andrew Strauss would face the first ball of the Ashes from a man wearing comedy moustache to try and bring a bit of history to the moment.

The crowd swelled, because as we all know, the first ball of the Ashes always tells the whole story.

Once you see it, watching the rest of the series is completely useless.

So when Hilfenhaus came into Strauss, it wasn’t just a normal delivery, it was a story, a fable, epic and far reaching. Steeped in history, mystery and folklore, you’ll tell your kids where you were when Hilfenhaus bowled it.

Because they will want to know about the ball that was outside off stump and left alone by Strauss.

They won’t even care about the rest of the over in a few hundred years, just that first gentle dot ball.

What a story it tells.

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2 thoughts on “The amazing story of the first ball of the Ashes

  1. muppet arms says:

    Fuck the 1st ball it’s now all about the 3rd

  2. io says:

    Which of course was set up from the start by the first ball. I’m glad Billy Doctrove took his time to start the match for I would have otherwise missed the first ball after switching the tele on late. Everything looked in perfect control.

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