Tea on day one at the Gabba

Cook – at times I forgot he was out there.  Doing his job.

KP – looked on form, hardly faced Doherty, and then drove Siddle on the up to second slip.

Collingwood – played one good shot and one shot that should get him beaten with the shovel he usually uses to bat with.

Bell – has looked the best so far.  Almost chopped on early, then looked really good and even survived the KRUD system.

Johnson – wasn’t as horrible as he can be.  First spell was still a bit like licking your finger after putting it in your ears. Second spell was not like that.

Hilfenhaus – non-entity.

Doherty – A bit short, very flat, and not much sexiness.  Hard to score off, and very quick between his overs.

Siddle – the sizzle was back.

Watson – wide outside offstump.

Fielding – not bad.

Over rate – still shit.

Oli Broom – rides bikes.

New Blogs – eat em up.


6 thoughts on “Tea on day one at the Gabba

  1. knowledge_eater says:

    what’s up with zillion outswingers !! what happens to off cuters and inswingers!!

  2. Siddle’s just livened things up a little. Keep up the good work Uncle Jrod.

  3. Ryan Man says:

    Was great to see Siddle get a Five-For. First day of the Ashes was getting as painful as hearing Paris Hilton talking about true love while Cook was batting. I thank all the divine forces that he is out and Bell is kind of doing some rear-guard action. This Ashes sure is gonna be exciting. Ian Botham had predicted a scoreline just before the Ashes began. Ricky is looking leaner and meaner, letz wait before we write this guy and his team off!

  4. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Thanks a mountain-sized heap for the plug, very kind!
    I thought Doherty was quite good, and Watto’s hair, too.

  5. DCB says:

    I have a question:

    Do the fielding side still get punished for a bad over rate when Jonathan Trott spends 17 minutes between each ball to hack the pitch up with his retarded baseball player impersonation? Almost every delivery the bowlers had to wait at the top of their mark for him, and he did the same thing in the Australia A game, so I’ll go ahead and presume he does it 100% of the time.

    Seriously, does anybody know? Seems a bit unfair to fine Punter 5 grand because the worst number 3 in world cricket has OCD.

  6. Oli Broom says:

    cheers for the plug mate…..too kind.
    spot on about Hilfenhaus.

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