Lunch day one from the Gabba

Strauss – that the Aussie media hasn’t attacked Strauss for his average of 33 in the last 14 tests is poor form. With this shit start that might happen from now on in.

Cook – couldn’t have looked more like Cook. Scored 9 runs in the first hour. Never really looked like going out, or making runs, or entertaining anyone. Dropped at point before lunch cutting.

Trott – Edged a couple, got hit on the pads close in front, probably edged one behind that no one noticed and even tried to run himself at times. Yet, looked positive for him which lead to him missing a straight one from Watson.

KP – Played the way he usually does. Looked goodish, but tried to prove he doesn’t go out to left arm spinners by charging down to Doherty and almost going out.

Hilfenhaus – got the wicket with the bad ball, leaked more runs than usual, but wasn’t looking too bad.

Siddle – looked the main threat, but just couldn’t get the wicket. Lost a close review against Tortt, almost had him caught at slip as well, was hard to score off.

Mitchell Johnson – Used for only four overs. Not much magic involved. Or many wides.

Watson – started with pure filth, then took a wicket in the same over. Who can explain how he does what he does. Should have had Cook with a short filthy one.

Doherty – started with spin, almost had KP looked ok.

Fielding – Australia fumbled, dropped, looked scruffy.

Over rate – in the shit, already.

Lunch – Roast beef, white rice and Lasagne.


4 thoughts on “Lunch day one from the Gabba

  1. Rishabh says:

    I hope KP keeps playing. I do NOT want to watch Cook and Colly bat together.

  2. golandaaz says:

    England seem to be for real….

  3. BenSix says:

    I suspect that Strauss’s cut was followed by a thousand of others from despairing and emotional England fans…

  4. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The combination of beef and lasagne must have been quite popular, or maybe Siddle turns everyone into overly carnivorous carnivores.

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