balls profile: Paul Collingwood

Has the face of a grizzled character actor in an old irish mob film.  When he does curl his face up for a smile, it’s the smile of a man who has seen a lot.  Once said he hated the captaincy, then captained England to their first major limited overs title shortly after.  Is only good when you bag him, his Sunderland nature cannot handle any praise.  When the Queen said good job once, he threw up in her mouth, figuratively. Left twitter after only a short time because people kept saying nice things to him. Probably hates the nick name the Bruce Willis of Nudgers.  Bats like he is shovelling coal, or some other menial old timey job involving shovels. It’s never pretty, but he does get some sort of job done.  His bowling is a living homage to the military medium pace in New Zealand’s past. Once made a captaincy decision so good that Daniel Vettori said a naughty word.

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7 thoughts on “balls profile: Paul Collingwood

  1. Eddie says:

    Pom, is not a dirty word Jrod

  2. Howe_zat says:

    Paul Collingwood is like the world’s most successful PE teacher.

    Love him for it though.

  3. golandaaz says:

    No matter how hard he tries, he can’t bat uglier than Miandad and Dhoni

  4. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The nicest profile so far, genuine feelings in it, especially no mention of wooden golf clubs. Must be love.

  5. Faran says:

    COLLLYYYYYYYY…….Thanx 4 that Jrod….well written

  6. raghu says:

    Before today , never thought Miandad’s batting as ugly. But now I would like to check the videos

  7. Govind Raj says:

    This is a class profile for one of the most under-rated and over-performing Cricketers of these times. I admire Collingwood for he plays like the tough Australians of the past.

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