balls profile: michael clarke

“Didn’t I always tell you if I stayed in place and never spoke up, good things were bound to happen?” said General Casey in Mars Attacks before he meets the martian ambassadors.  Michael Clarke’s career has seemingly been much of the same.  I know he likes cars, women and tattoos, but other than that I have never really detected an ounce of personality or anything he really believes in.  He may be a pod. His batting is now professionally carried out, after earlier histrionics and making runs when Australia were on top.  Likes quick return flights between Australia and New Zealand.  He bats in a constant 3rd gear, and seems to have removed fourth and fifth as an option. His left arm spin is luckier than Lyle Lovett at times.  In many ways Clarke is the Celine Dion of modern cricket.

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8 thoughts on “balls profile: michael clarke

  1. Sach says:

    “In many ways Clarke is the Celine Dion of modern cricket.”

    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

  2. Sunny says:

    the david beckham of cricket.

  3. SpryCorpse says:

    Still recall 2005 when it was only Clarke that tried to stand with Ponting against Flintoff and co.
    I think he has a big competitive streak and will make important runs this series….assuming his back stays approximately straight.

  4. knowledge_eater says:

    He is Dark Horse of Chess Game. He will strike without anyone noticing. (I am going to regret saying this)

  5. Venkata Pendyala says:

    You are just confirming that all individuals playing the Ashes have balls.
    Thanks for the detailed groin areas analysis that your conducting.
    Looks like you are the official balls handler at the Ashes. Good luck with that…
    BTW; do the Poms have balls since you seem to very close to all the groins in the England team…


  6. golandaaz says:

    Michael Clarke causes diabetes…..too sugary and too sweet…

    By the way JRod, the books on its way across the occean

  7. Lou says:

    Maybe he is a podcast? Or a hologram?

    Definitely appears to be a personality free zone.

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