In the land of Channel 9

I have now arrived.

When I walked through the Melbourne airport I sort of half expected Tony Greig to offer me a rare opportunity to own a piece of Australian cricket, limited to only 2000.  He didn’t.

The last thing I remember Tony Greig saying was that Mitchell Johnson could be sort of unpredictable.

That, for Channel 9, is as harsh as they get with a cricketer from Australia, and even then Mark Taylor reminded everyone seconds later that he was the ICC Cricketer of the year last year.

This is Channel 9’s country, and when it comes to cricket there is Australia, England, and some other countries that Richie Benaud’s friends have seen play (well, that is how he talked about Mathews).

I’m surprised I was even allowed back in.

When I scanned my passport I was expecting to be tapped on the shoulder and sent back home.

This has not happened, yet, so today I am off to Brisvegas.

Ofcourse they are subtly trying to get me to leave.

muppet/motherfucking/mommy's Johnson

But I won’t go.

Especially since I had a dim sim yesterday. Oh, how I’ve missed dim sims.

For those who want to show how much more they know about cricket than everyone else, I’ve also started a online cricket prediction group over at sportsguru.

The pool I’ve created is called CWBs Incest Series.

The details are here:
Pool code: posepart
Pool name: CWBs Incest Series

So come over and prove you’re smarter than me.


18 thoughts on “In the land of Channel 9

  1. Howe_zat says:

    You goin’ DOWN, Jrod.

  2. Chris says:

    Channel 7 also getting in on the act, heard just a snippet of sports guy on Sunrise this morning and pretty sure I heard the following….
    Muslim Usman Kwajala has been called in as cover for Michael Clarke. Could be wrong with what I heard, but he certainly was not described as New South Welshmen.

  3. knowledge_eater says:

    How about Mitchell Johnson…. isn’t that shit bisexual name itself ! I just google Mitchell Images !!
    And he was behaving like a girl when he was laughing at Hauritz while they were struggling when batting.
    Get your balls back Mitch. AND stop laughing ! And hit the deck hard where you suppose to hit. Stop changing your line and length randomly out of no-where.

  4. Adrian says:

    Ahhhh, Dim Sims.

  5. Tony Greig – isn’t he the guy that plays at being an Aussie for 3 years and then every 4th year he suddenly becomes a pom again for a couple of months?

  6. @ Chris,

    That dosen’t surprise me in the slightest.

    On another channel he might be described as ‘devoted follower of the prophet mohammed, Usman Kwajala is set to make his debut if atheist, Michael Clarke fails to recover in time’.

  7. Suprise says:

    Its funny that the first muslim cricketer replaces the first scientologist cricketer to play for Australia.

  8. Forget the religon or race, is Khwaaja good enough to rough up the “Empire XI”?

  9. jay says:

    In the land of channel nine the one eyed man is king.

  10. Lou says:

    Poor Ussie.

    Sounds like any other Aussie bloke to me and the media are trying to ‘other’ him all over the shop.

    It’s bloody ignorant, it really is.

    Dim, sim, mmmmmmm…..

  11. Lou says:

    Shall we start referring to Hayden as christian Hayden?

  12. Bearded_Tit says:

    @ Lou

    Nope… C*nt will do

  13. Sunny says:

    @dean – there are some years when he pretends to be saffer as well.

  14. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    If this is the subtle method then I don’t wanna know how the direct one looks :S

  15. Will Gillian McKeith replace Ponting as captain? She’s in Australia, after all.

  16. jogesh99 says:

    If Usman fails, he will be “of Pakistani descent”, if he scores, he will be “Aussie.”

  17. Dinnie says:

    Whatever, I love Johnson’s a**. A lot.

  18. Kim says:

    Yeah, Mitchy’s surely a contender in the “best bum” competition. Cookie also is no slouch in that department, at least.

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