balls profile: mitchell johnson

If you imagine the whole world is a scary place where anything could kill you, now you’re thinking like Mitchell Johnson. His tongue and labrette piercings were no preparation for the pain he would feel on the 09 Ashes trip. Given the gift of express pace and the power to lift the ball out of the ground there should be nothing stopping him. This is not the case. Instead is more like a lion scared by mice. His left arm slingy action is fast, proper fast. Facing it must be like being stuck in a horror film that is so bad it’s good. Has a brilliant knack of getting wickets just after every Australian in the crowd has demanded he be taken off. Once gave up cricket to drive a van for a plumber. Is not an all rounder, probably never will be as he leaves the cricket the ball much like Christopher Walken would have in Deer Hunter.

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5 thoughts on “balls profile: mitchell johnson

  1. golandaaz says:

    And he looks like Arjun Rampal, the bollywood hero

  2. Lou says:

    Got to agree with you. It drives me nuts that his sort of talent has been put into the same body as his sort of mind. Something wrong there.

  3. golandaaz says:

    And this time write a pricier book. It’s kind of cheap to follow the blog of a guy who writes books whose cost is less than the cost to ship it across the occean. Best of luck! I am tempted to say; have fun…but….Between the side who can lose from any position and a side that thinks a draw is as good as a win….

  4. He’s a major under achiever thats for sure.

    What chance some scandal story emerges to unsettle him like in 2009?

    Get the News of the World on the case, they owe it to English cricket.

  5. Suprise says:

    Bitch is pussy whipped. He’ll have a shit Gabba test because he missus won’t let him go and see his mommy. She’ll turn up and give him guilt trip looks from the stands. Please shoot him or me both good options.

    Twatto to get 5 for and a ton just to spite you.

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