balls profile: Jonathan Trott

Trudging around cricket like a miserable bus traveller in the afternoon with unwashed clothes who has a facial tick that you don’t want to look at, but can’t look away from is Jonathan Trott. Started his career with an innings so composed everyone wanted to wear pads that looked too big for them and dive back to be run out in award winning photos. Then the honeymoon turned weird when he got to South Africa and his form cheated on him. Now he is back in form, although he never really looks in form even when he is. His batting is the very definition of gritty and his right arm swing bowling is less than serviceable, but far from embarrassing. His first name is Ian, but he uses Jonathan to distance himself from Bell. Wants to be Steve Waugh more than any person ever born in South Africa.

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7 thoughts on “balls profile: Jonathan Trott

  1. Howe_zat says:

    Is that why he usually tries to dig his way to Australia?

  2. Bottom Edge says:

    a miserable bus traveller in the afternoon

    Absolute poetry, Jrod.

  3. Rishabh says:

    I really do want to buy your book, but it isn’t available in Canada (is it?) and post is way too unreliable where I live. Digital version for sale?

  4. Heiku says:

    He didnt lose form in South Africa, he is a loyal saffa inside agent. He was seen celebrating with the South African after that test series victory in England (Before he was playing for the Poms)

  5. I can’t wait to see how OCD gets on against Oz.

    He could be the straw that breaks Ponting’s back, if he gets under Ponting’s skin as I believe he will try too, he might make the 2005 outburst against Fletcher look average.

    The banter around the bat when he comes out to dig his trench and bore the arse of the whole of Australia will be something else.

  6. Rishabh says:

    Yeah Jrod, but it ends up costing $15 then, and too much stuff gets lost in the dorm post for me to take that risk!

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