Pakistan cricket’s barbershop

“There are three things that Black people need to tell the truth about. Number one: Rodney King should’ve gotten his ass beat for being drunk in a Honda a white part of Los Angeles. Number two: O.J. did it! And number three: Rosa Parks didn’t do nuthin’ but sit her Black ass down!”

That is what Eddie says in Barbershop.

In real life, the whole Pakistani cricket set up seems to be a bit like Eddie.

Unable to see that the dude left because some one said Ima gunna kill you and yours.

I have no idea whether I would have run like Haider did, but I certainly wouldn’t have told Ijazz Butt.  And what is the point of taking it to the players.

Sure, he could have told the ICC, but getting the fuck out of there also did the job, you can always contact the ICC when you are well away from some dude trying to kill you.

Perhaps some ex and current players believe his mistake was not just taking the cash and doing what they wanted.

Eddie probably would have thought that.

Abdul Razzaq said, “I don’t think he did the right thing. He made a big mistake. If he had any issues he should have told the senior players or the management.”

The Pakistan’s sports minister, Ijaz Hussain Jakhrani, took time out from ignoring how bad a job Butt is doing to say; “If he is such a weak and scared person he should not have played cricket in the first place, particularly not for the national team.”

Afridi had a bit of, “I just don’t understand what he (Haider) is trying to do. He has behaved very childishly. He has behaved just like Yasir Hameed  had done in England. What is he trying to achieve?”

It worries me when Hameed and Haider are the stupid ones.

Surely the bigger problem is that when players talk up, the Pakistani cricket community takes the piss out of them.  Why bother saying anything at all?

So if Eddie from barbershop was a Pakistani cricket fan, I think he’d say this;

“There are three things Pakistani cricket fans need to understand.  Number one:  Salim Malik had to take the blame so our team wouldn’t lose its best players.  Number two: Spot fixing aint shit.  Number Three:  Haider didn’t do a goddamn thing other than fucken leavin’.”

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12 thoughts on “Pakistan cricket’s barbershop

  1. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The scary thing how many people simply refuse to understand what Zulq is trying to do, and to support it. In fact entire Pakistan cricket, at least I don’t remember any supportive voices. Afridi and Razzaq have been a part of it for a rumoured 58 years, the more incomprehensible appear their statements. In the end we will probably find out that all of them are tucked under the same blanket… :/

  2. Crownish says:

    cough cough *Bob Woolmer cough cough
    If things are the way Zulqarnain said they are, every cricketer in the current set up who is aware of such things has only two options: speak up and be exiled/worse or shut up and do as instructed, a decision much easier for them to make. He did the brave thing but it’s not as easy a decision for the rest.

  3. golandaaz says:

    Look what happened to Bob Woolmer who did not do what Haider did. 2 things surprise me with this whole Pakistan situation

    1. That players are being suspended, barred from selection without being officially or legally sentenced for any wrong doing. Sorry, videos from undercover media operations is not evidence
    2. The almost unanimous criticism from Pakistani cricketers, ex-cricketers and administrators of Haider’s actions

  4. Masuud Qazi says:

    Zulqi is having what we can term as the Pakistani cricketer’s Carpal tunnel syndrome. At the same time, not being understood as its visible. Yet, in there lies not the fault or mindlessness of his team-mates, its more to do with the mental toughness of them. To say all of them are involved if they play to the threats is like saying Warne was never obese (if it makes sense). At times, you just learn to live with it and probably fight too (like Rashid latif, Basit Ali etc) and yes, some do get caught in it since they think there’s no option. Zulqi took the third unavailable option.

  5. Deep Cower says:

    There’s only one guy who can save the Pakistani cricket team: Chuck Norris.

  6. Even Chuck Norris will raise his hands up if he is asked to save Pakistan cricket.

  7. Wajih Zaman says:

    How high-lariously ironic indeed of Sahaid Afridi to deem someone childish and assess someone’s mental age (Yasir Hameed) when not too long ago, he himself reduced to a laughingstock by biting the ball and got banned for a couple of matches. And I think it was him who deliberately roughed up the pitch in a test match against England a few years ago and got a ban there too. Now, people could question his mental age too (with his chronological age in doubt anyway) .

  8. Matt says:

    Looking liike a close shave on the books

  9. nick says:

    well in not sure wht really happened but this pakistani dude who works with me said hes sure bcci did all this cuz they couldnt see how great pak was doing in da series. he could be right

  10. jrod you must get tired of the constant compliments, so fuck that.

    but even the journos haven’t spared zulqi – they’ve disparaged him for updating his facebook status before fleeing. wtf?


    “The Pakistan’s sports minister, Ijaz Hussain Jakhrani, took time out from ignoring how bad a job Butt is doing to say”

    pure. gold.

  11. Matt says:

    Any thoughts on why the Pakistanis didn’t have a crack at the win yesterday?

  12. yenjvoy says:

    Everyone knows that Pakistanis are victims and its not their fault. Ever.

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