Douggie Dances

People often ask me about Douggie B.

I’ve never known how to really answer them.

But then some phone company answered it for me, through the medium of dance.

If you spent your first viewing looking at anything other than Douggie, you’re a stronger person than me.

It wasn’t until the 5th time I watched it I even saw Michael Clarke trying to be too cool for school on the right.

The lesson for all viral marketers here is simple, promote any product you want with Douggie Bollinger dancing and you’ll have me playing it.

Had I know he could dance like this, I would have paid him to dance at my wedding.

If you see Douggie this summer, I suggest just putting a few bucks down his trousers and seeing if he performs.

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20 thoughts on “Douggie Dances

  1. knowledge_eater says:

    11 tests 49 wickets .. thats not bad for a dancer. I put him ahead of Johnson on exact line and length.

  2. Vin says:

    lol..enjoyed it!! He always performs more than for his pay..just as he does for CSK..!

  3. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Haha these Vodafone ads are the absolute hit, I must say if the Ashes are only half as entertaining it’s gonna be a great Aussie summer. It is so much cooler than all these Indian ads with dancing and singing cricketers simply because Douggie *is* like that.

  4. Miriam says:

    For me, the most surprising thing about the video is not Douggie’s dancing (not even the hands-on-moobs move), but the fact that the cricketer who appears the most normal, natural, even charming in it, with just the right light touch of irony in his performance, is none other than R. PONTING.

  5. Deep Cower says:

    Really, Miriam? There’s Sexy Shane, Dancing Doug, Suave Simon, Cool Clarke, Hustler Huss, and you spot Robot Ricky?

  6. MaulaJatt says:

    I know I’ll agree with Miriam. I think this is a sign of the coming of the apocalypse! who could have thought Ponting could in the slightest bit look charming ever. There were more chances of a tazzy devil singing an opera song.

  7. MaulaJatt says:

    Why is douggie playing with his titties? This is just unsettling. Traumatizing nay.

  8. Jonno says:

    It looks lke Doug could not remember the words, so used the dancing to distract us from looking at his motionless lips.

  9. knowledge_eater says:

    Guy right behind Ponting was better than Ponting. Am I being too harsh on Ponting.
    Haah how ironic.

  10. kr says:

    This brought forth all my Clarke hatred anew…I’m sure Katich, when he sees this video, wants to smash Clarke’s brains in, and I understand. What a douche.

  11. Dougie Bollinger knows that he is going to pick at least 25 Pom wickets this Ashes. Hence dancing in advance.

    Or maybe they told him before the shoot that he would get implanted hair maintainence service free for life.

  12. The Wrong'Un says:

    I met a PR who interviewed Ponting Hussy and Bollinger for a sponsor when they were in England last year. Ponting was appartently “intense”, mike Hussy “charming” when I asked about Bollinger she just said “he farted and scratched his balls the whole time”. I think Doug should get an MBE and be capt. when Ricky retires.

  13. Ram5160 says:

    How Jrod can look elsewhere with Watson at his best beats me. Hussey looks frightened that Bolly is going to molest him or something. But I agree with Miriam, Ponting’s the only 1 who looks at ease.

  14. Matt says:

    Douggie is now my favorite crickter

    I came very close to wetting my pants

    Rewind, howl with laughter, rewind, howl inconsolably, rewind, laugh some more, breath, snort, repeat

    Too funny

  15. Big Daddy says:

    By the look of Clarke he would have preferred to eat his own shit

  16. hi says:

    i would like to see Rahul Dravid dance like that

  17. The Beggy G says:

    I luv duggie.

  18. Amsterdam says:

    This is just awesome, I couldn’t stop playing it over and over again :-D
    I think he can succeed where Bret Lee failed: Make it big in Bollywood. He’s got it.

  19. Wato says:

    Dougie! what a great bloke! always going to entertain! and Ponting leaning on the openers? Might be suggesting something there

  20. Sunny says:

    dougie’s joie de vivre surely comes from his phat IPL contract?

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