jeetan’s big scalps

“I’m delighted to take Sachin’s wicket. It’s the biggest scalp of my career,”

Jeetan Patel

If I got Sachin Tendulkar out, I’d probably say something stupid too.

But is there a bigger scalp in world cricket than Sachin Tendulkar?

Sure, outside world cricket there are bigger scalps.

Godzilla, Barack Obama and Dakota Fanning, to name a few.

Now Jeetan has taken down Sachin, he could probably take down Godzilla and Obama, as long as they didn’t team up.

He probably couldn’t take down Dakota though, but if he did, he’d probably say.

“I’m delighted to put Dakota’s head on a stick.  It may look like a small scalp, but it’s the biggest scalp of my career.”

Jeetan Patel

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4 thoughts on “jeetan’s big scalps

  1. Saurav Ganguly says:

    lol, what ?

  2. hi says:

    i heard marcus north is looking for godzilla already

  3. mama jrod says:

    Is that Fanning girl even legal?

  4. AndyD says:

    I love Jeetan! Hope he leads NZ to victory tomorrow!

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