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‘There can be only one’ was a line written by someone who had never seen the Indian batting line up.  They have a long tail, but they sort of double dare you to get to it. New Zealand may never seen it.

New Zealand

If you can’t bowl or field, playing against Sehwag is like running into a bull for hours on end.  Is it too late for them to pretend they left the oven on at home?

Who’s in front

New Zealand can still win this.  The problem is they need a renegade CIA force, 24million dollars in unmarked bills and a nuclear warhead.

Play of the day

If you are the 12th man who has to field for a team that is struggling and the oppositions most threatening batsman hits the ball straight up in the air close enough to you for you to take the catch, it would really hurt you emotionally to drop it.  For that same ball to hit your nuts, that is the beginning of a Hank Williams song. Isn’t it, Martin Guptil.

Testicular moment of the day

Sehwag looked ok.

Working class moment of the day

Poor Dictator Dan.  He is trying to cross the Pacific Ocean in a kids inflatable swimming pool.  The only luck he can have is that a seagull pops it before he gets to too far from the coast.

Weird factoid of the day

Jeetan Patel’s dropped catch off his own bowling was perhaps the best audition to be the screaming victim in a horror film I’ve seen in years.

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10 thoughts on “previously at ahmedabad

  1. Gypsy Phantom says:

    Is it ok to have a man crush on you JRod even though I’ve never met you and don’t know what you look like? In a purely platonic, married hetero man crush kind of way of course.

    “…..double dare you to get to it.” Brilliant.

  2. Michael Wagener says:

    Realistically New Zealand have thrown away a golden chance in this game. Missed chances cost them 5 wickets today (4 catches and a missed run-out) and at 330/7 on this pitch they would have been well in-front. We have seen recently that scoring 400 in the first innings is not enough to avoid defeat in India, but it’s hard to see New Zealand taking 7 quick wickets today.

    How has it come to this that New Zealand, who were always known for making the most of their ability, would be so careless in the field? They are continuing on from the Bangladesh series where they were out-fielded by the Tigers and ultimately that was the decider in all 4 games. Surely something needs to be done about the appalling fielding.

  3. tracerbullet007 says:

    did it really hit him in the nuts? i missed that…

  4. Ganesh says:

    //Sehwag looked ok.//
    Right,but Sachin and Laxman looked very ordinary today. :(

  5. BenSix says:

    I can’t believe no one’s commented on how Dravid looked. Or were you all asleep?

  6. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Does Patel count as a newbie? If not, Bennett will get his next chance in just a few hours time.

  7. warlock says:

    Hamish Bennett has shown himself to be the shrewdest of the Black Caps by waking up with a sore groin when faced with a day of bowling to Tendulkar and Laxman on a featherbed. This boy shows promise.

    Meanwhile, after his wicketkeeping performance, Gareth Hopkins seems about to earn a new nickname. I sure you can figure it out.

    The next question to be answered is: Can the newly teetotalling, loquacious Ryder turn his extra concentration megawattage into more runs? We’ll see. Since he averages almost 50 while pickled off his snout, either he’s a down-under Graeme Pollock in waiting, or booze is his talisman and shouldn’t be tampered with.

  8. Agree with BenSix, I thought Dravid looked poor.

    I know he scored a century but it was painful viewing. He looked like a man playing for his career.

  9. Sunny says:

    @deano – did you see sachin bat afterwards?

  10. Gypsy Phantom says:

    Not only is Bennett shrewd by opting for the physio table on a day that promised to break him, but now Ryder takes advantage of a recent rule change by opting for a runner when he gets a bit tired.
    Nothing if not opportunistic and wily these Kiwi’s.

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