Michael Clarke will be the next Australian test captain786r356

Which is the best news for all other countries.

He finished this match with himself and Shane Watson bowling.

That takes talent.

That would be like me finishing this post with my wife’s cat writing.








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21 thoughts on “Michael Clarke will be the next Australian test captain786r356

  1. Keith says:

    Do you think the aussies took some money to lose?

    That might be a better alternative then thinking that this is the worst aussie team ever.

  2. Sid says:

    That makes sense.

  3. Howe_zat says:

    Your cat should write more on this website, it has a real gift with words. It wants to be careful using that form of custom coding though, on many people’s screens that would just come out as gibberish.

  4. Bottom Edge says:

    Yep, I’m with Howe_zat, the cat is a vast improvment.

  5. Max says:

    Kudos to SL! Brilliant fightback Angelo and Malinga!!! And a sweet finish for Murali at the MCG!

    And on Oz and captaincy, Jrod, I have to disagree with you…I think Clarke made a reasonable choice in going for experience in those final overs…and Watson, besides being experienced, has the knack of bowling useful inswingers with the old ball (he did play a part in India’s 1st innings lower-order collapse of 4/9 in B’lore just 3 weeks back.)

    Sure, he probably erred in not giving Steve Smith more overs earlier in the piece. But the real disappointments in the bowling were Siddle and Johnson…Oz needed much more from them given the inexperience in the bowling.

    Could the subcontinent teams possibly do any more for England??? :)

  6. Deep Cower says:

    I couldn’t tell the difference.

  7. Rusty says:

    Max – how do you explain the exceptionally poor field placements … over and over and over … at one point Clarke walked over to Cam White, who promptly fixed the field for him … the guy has no clues – Jrod is spot on.

  8. Alok says:

    Oh come on JRod… it’s not Clarke’s fault that Johnson bowled like shit and Siddle was arse towards the end.

    It is his fault though, for panicking when SL needed 70 odd runs and Malinga and Mathews unleashed some mayhem. Calmer heads would have known this couldn’t last and tempted Malinga to go over the top, and not let Mathews farm strike.

    I saw the last 20 odd overs and Clarke had the look of a man who was fighting a losing cause when SL had 70 or so runs to get with only two wickets in hand. He thought of Mohali, panicked and the game was lost…

    Hate to say it, but this Aus team seems to fit Sun Tzu’s description of an army of lions led by a deer…

  9. Max says:

    @Rusty…I was defending Clarke’s choice of bowlers at the end…coz I didn’t think his logic was as ridiculous as Jrod suggested.

    But yes, on the field placement…can’t say Clarke had a good day. Don’t know if he was forcing his bowlers to accept his fields despite their concerns, or if they were simply not able to bowl the right lines & lengths that had been decided in putting those fields. Either way, the result was poor…one has to concede.

    On the larger question of Clarke’s captaincy…he’s done pretty well in most of the opportunities he’s had so far (although not only should he be removed as T20 captain, he should be removed as T20 player too). And I believe he’s won 12 out of 17 games as Captain in ODIs…that’s almost 70% wins. So all I’m saying is…be fair to the man…can’t hang him after just 1 bad day (especially when his more experienced bowlers didn’t deliver on the day.)

  10. Max says:

    My earlier comments are not to suggest that a man like Cameron White might not be a viable alternative to Clarke…in fact, I say White should already be T20 captain…and maybe even ODI captain if Clarke doesn’t deliver over 2 to 3 series.

    But the point is…Clarke deserves those 2 or 3 series to prove his mettle and improve his captaincy skills…if one wants to be fair to him, and captaincy candidates in general.

  11. Aussies seem to quake in their bootswhen the 8th wicket falls….of the opposition.

    From 107/8 to 243/9 takes a lot of guts (batsmen) and a lot of crap (bowlers and fielders). These Lankans have become very bloodyminded of late. A few months back they did a similar thing with the tail batting long and contributing to a win in a Test against India.

    If instead of the Aussies it were the Pakis, then some ex cricketer would have been calling a press conference to declare that the shit was fixed.

  12. tracerbullet007 says:

    oh, how the mighty have fallen…can remember a time when pup had a 100% win record in captaincy….

  13. george says:

    Jarrod, the aussie media now has wind of North being a possible replacement! Lol, you’ve done it mate. With that article about North before his hundred against India, you’ve turned his fortunes around. And with it condemned Australian cricket to the toilet.

    I can see Pakistan moving to 5 and pushing Australia to 6. hmm…

  14. @Dhananjay – spot on with the Pak comment.

    Agree with Deep Cower and Howezat…Jrod, your wife’s cat rocks!

  15. Joe says:

    Your wife’s cat is a genius! There is Da Vinci code hidden in the typing.

  16. The Big Show says:

    Your wife’s cat? Pets do not fall into the ‘jointly possessed’ category?

    What does Clarke’s tattoo say: “The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.” Get the entire team to ink that before the Ashes.

  17. Rusty says:

    Fair play Max … although if Ponting wasn’t at a funeral pretty sure if would have been a different result. White should be T20 skipper, but apparently he is in the side because of what he brings to the crease as a bowler?? I was happy that Watson gave me yet another reason to keep hating him.

    For what it’s worth, I think the field placements were more of a problem than the bowlers … there is a problem when in ODI a bowler cannot attack the stumps because there is no protection at all in the mid-wicket area etc …

    Clarke was completely reactionary and would often move a fielder to where a ball had just been hit, rather than put the pressure on the batsman as …Dhananjay (Dhaanu) pointed out much better that I have.

  18. Sunny says:

    nothing said more abt clarke’s state of mind than asking mark nicholas for tips!

  19. Saw the highlights. Clarke was looking zapped. As if he got the message that Symonds was waiting for him at his hotel room brandishing a bat and muttering “And even now, they do not pick me…..”

  20. reina says:

    I don’t know what Spartacus is saying, but my cat seems to approve. I can only assume he is building an army and leaving coded messages for his international followers.

  21. Down Under says:

    this probably says more about pup’s (and maybe the entire oz team’s) state of mind…

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