join in on ruining a young Indian cricketer

This kid took 8/10 in his first class debut.

A handy performance.

He gets the ball to swing around like crazy.

But, you can’t help but think this could ruin him.

India with bowlers this good could be a simply amazing team, so let us all ruin Deepak Chahar.

All you have to do is hype him up. It worked for every other young Indian bowler I’ve ever mentioned.

It shouldn’t be hard, he is clearly the best bowler ever.

He’s a bowling mutant, sent from the future to kill us all spliced from all the greats with the ferocity of Larwood, the ball movement of Spofforf, the accuracy of Dev, the haircut of McGrath, the pace of Thommo, the endurance of Hall and the star power of Wasim Akram.

There has never been a bowler like him.

He will change the world.

Now you’ve seen him, you should be able to praise him even more, really stick the boot into his burgeoning career.


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18 thoughts on “join in on ruining a young Indian cricketer

  1. The Big Show says:

    Aakash Chopra, who has now written more articles than score runs (each of which are equally agonizing), has already done his bit.

    In his Cricinfo ‘Diary’ he has compared this kid to Manoj Prabhakar. That is worse than guillotining his head off in public. Or making him read the Aakash Chopra Omnibus – IPL Edition.

    Seriously, this kid needs to be left alone. IPL franchises, hope you are listening.

  2. Rishabh says:

    Ah, but you’re wrong. We all know he’s only medium-pace…

  3. tracerbullet007 says:

    he is india’s answer to stephen finn…there u go…i contributed as well….

  4. jay says:

    Homage to Roebuck?

  5. Arv says:

    As one of my friends said – May his career RIP :)
    he wants to be a Waqar –

  6. Deep Cower says:

    He said something about bowling in the right areas. The next Monty is born.

  7. Matt says:

    I think he’s firing mind bullets in the shape of a cricket ball…

    I believe he may be the second coming, as prophesied bythe great Shaman, Dave Graney in his polemic Rock n Roll is where I hide. That was some years ago now. Mayb the Rock n Roll lifestyle must have been wearing thin, and “Deepak” needed a change of scenery…

    I ca think of no other explanation

  8. Sreejith says:

    Comparing any youngster with Manoj Prabhakar is cruel.. Check out the other debutant in Ranji who took 9 Wickets on debut.

  9. anon says:

    Considering the kid is only 18, he could certainly add a yard or two of pace and gain in height.. If he maintains that swing, he could be a handy bowler in NZ/Eng conditions

  10. stany says:

    He deserves to be in minimum 5 ads…….

    with Yuvraj Singh…. and yeah!

    Irfan Pathan!!

  11. Nostalgic says:

    In my school cricket days…there was an expression for such guys when they used to get us out and our reply in the dressing room went like this ….”Bhenchod…His Ball is Swinging…Maa Ka”

  12. Why not give him a chance to play for India Straight away if he is so good.
    I guess the best will always perform whether you hype them or not.

  13. fatalberton says:

    I reckon he might be almost as good as Kulkarni…

  14. yenjvoy says:

    As soon as I saw the hype on Indian media sites yesterday I came here to check for this very post. It is a day late Jrod and a dollar short too – not only did he take 8 wickets for 10 runs in the first innings, he followed it up with 3 in the second and in between, scored 23 valuable runs, prompting many to claim he had the makings of a true allrounder. In the lunch break he left the stadium and saved a school bus from falling off a bridge, took 2 cats out of trees for old ladies, called President Obama to reject the offer of joining the White House Economic Council, and walked the ramp for 2 Bollywood designers’ fall collections. In short, based on the evidence of his first match, he is fucking Superman and has been selected to play for India and 3 IPL franchises in the next IPL.

  15. Down Under says:

    one swallow does not a summer make

  16. warlock says:

    Quite so, Down Under, she should keep swallowing all summer.

    As for Deepak Chahar, only one explanation suffices. He is 1930s medium-pace genius Amar Singh, recently dug up, resurrected and given a convincingly youthful new coat of skin. What’s more, atmospheric conditions mean nothing to him. He can swing it both ways in the same delivery at the Sahara.

  17. Sunny says:

    he is the next abdul razzaq!

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