Paris Hodge

Zulquarnain Haider showed us that with a bit of Social Media work, you can get picked for your country.

Lady Hamilton-Brown has tried just appearing as unnamed friend in photos beside real English cricketers.

And Eddie Cowan has tried to use twitter to get selected.

All of these ideas have some merit.

Now Brad Hodge is back on the scene, and they all look kind of tame.

Being that Brad Hodge came up with it, probably in the middle of one of his great recent innings for Victoria, his idea is so much better than anyone else’s.

Even Zulquarnain Haider’s strategy, which worked, is not in the same league.

Whether batting or coming up with off the wall suggestions, the Ego of Hodge is so far better than anyone else it is embarrassing.

With the press all over him and Victorian fans doing their bi-annual why isn’t Brad Hodge playing for Australia love fest, he has been forced to talk about playing for Australia again.

His favourite, and often only, topic.

This time he has come up with a foolproof way to get selected.

“Maybe I could do a naked calendar as well to try to get my name up there.”

Bang. Goal.

Yes, maybe you could.

The thought of your cock aiming directly at the lens should be enough for the selectors to at least think of playing you just to stop the calendar.

But, why stop there, Brad?

Why not take it all the way.

Like you do out on the field.

A calendar will take time to organise, probably some cash, then a distributor and finding a camera person willing to get their assistants to lube you up and then aim their camera at the Hodge glory.

On the other hand, your mobile device probably has a camera, MMS and the numbers of all the selectors.

All you need to do is drink a couple of glasses of red win while snappin’ and sendin’.

How long into this photo campaign do you think the selectors will find a way to use Brad Hodge, just to make the smut go away?

Two days, a day? An hour?

Then Hodge is back.

Full frontal nudity and technology has always been an unbeatable team.

Brad Hodge is forever ahead of the curve.

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7 thoughts on “Paris Hodge

  1. Deep Cower says:

    You want Brad Hodge to become the Australian Brett Favre, eh?

  2. Anand says:

    You’re some dude…. “Keep up” the good work.

  3. Sunny says:

    how abt a finger lickin’ good video?

  4. jamie64 says:

    If you took the ego of Graeme Swan and feed it ego steroids for a year it would still be dwarved by the ego that is Planet Hodge.

    Even Zaphod Beeblebrox’s ego trembles in fear when Hodge’s ego comes near.

  5. Phred says:

    Long live Zaphod!

  6. Phred says:

    Uh-oh .. Krikkit Wars comment next ..

  7. jogesh99 says:

    This is a fake post – Zulquarnain was spelt consistently and correctly twice!

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