ignoring cricketers when they speak

When this blog started I would take what cricketers say before a series very seriously.

Well not seriously, obviously I’d take the piss, but I’d repeat the comments and then find a way to mock them.

Then I stopped.


But it is hard.

Players, commentators and coaches say lots of shit before a series.

You want to ignore it, because both sides usually do it, and then it sort of evens it self out.

On occasions there is a comment so stupid that it tempts you, gets you drooling, gives you the shakes, makes you wanna lick the toilet seat, if you know what I mean.

You’ve got to stay strong though, because even repeating one stupid pre-series statement can become a trend that you can’t get out of in a hurry.

For instance, lets say a test captain on the eve of an important series was to question the strength of the opposition’s batting line up.

Also assume that this captain has a batting line up that has been faltering for ages without him really seeming to do anything about it.

This captain would presumably have not thought through his comments and how they might actually make people look at his shit batting line up.

Imagine all the posts I could write about a comment like this from a hypocritical captain who lives in a bubble.

It would be so easy to have fun at his expense.

Perhaps trot out stats about his top order, or even the amount of times they’ve been “unlucky”.

But then I’m back in it.  Back at the grind.

Getting cheap laughs from a stupid half thought out comment just to amuse you.

And who wants that?

I’m better than that, and so are you.

So I shall stay true to my new ideals and not take the piss out of any stupid comments by cricketers before a series.

During a series, or just general stupid comments, will still be taken the piss out of when deemed appropriate and no videos of Murali, chicken and a semen like substance are shown to me.

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5 thoughts on “ignoring cricketers when they speak

  1. Maybe that captain needs to have a word with his vice captain as well.

    I know they are currently in different countries, but one is slagging off the England batting, while the other is talking up Pietersen at the same time.

    Maybe Clarke is making an attempt to undermine Ponting’s captaincy, hoping he will get it in time for the Ashes. Or am I getting carried away with conspriacy theories?

    Don’t hold your breath anyway, it won’t be too long before Collingwood or Cook are telling us all how good and confident they feel ahead of the series and how their batting is in such a good place!

    Now there’s a ridiculous statement!

  2. In the same week, KP is a question mark, class act, major divisive force of the team and a match-winner. The Aussies have totally lost it.

  3. Daniel says:

    People always talk because they can do it. Just let those captains coaches and commentators saying whatever they wanna say. They will eat they own words later! The law of karma.

  4. yenjvoy says:

    JRod, you know you will miss Queen Liz when she’s gone, because Prince Charles is such a shit by comparison.

  5. CashforHumiliation says:

    Sure Punter is talking crap, but have you read any of the surreal garbage that Mike Hussey is coming out with?

    I think he’s on something that takes ALL the pain away…

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