Murali licks his fingers

Nick left this in the comments, and I think it needs a wider audience.

I’ve never been a big fan of the catchphrase, finger lickin’ good.

It dates back to when I was a kid when I saw a guy come out of a bedroom he had briefly shared with a young female and he licked his fingers and then said the phrase.

I have nothing against fingering people, but men licking fingers is never good.

When a woman licks a finger it brings up connotations of fellating, the problem is, that is does for men as well.

So now, thanks to some shitty fried chicken corporation I have the image of Murali blowing someone in my head.

Then, as if the metaphor of him sucking his fingers isn’t bad enough, they plop down a huge white substance, which I am sure is tasty, but does pass more than a casual resemblance to human ejaculate.

I bet a lot of mention discovered new feelings after seeing this ad.

Possibly a few dreams about magic fingers…

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12 thoughts on “Murali licks his fingers

  1. Alok says:

    …and that concludes our love affair with JRod Balls.

  2. Alok says:

    … too late. The image has been burned into my brain. I’m off for a lobotomy. Bye

  3. MartDawg says:

    JRod, you seem so spend an inordinate amount of time trawling the internet for jizz related cricket clips. For that I applaud you.

  4. Nick says:

    Jrod u owe me SHANE BOND’s PROFILE for this video haha :D

  5. knowledge_eater says:

    KFC DickDonald etc. are the biggest blood sucker of the planet. You can’t question this fast food ass holes, who have been pouring poison in body for years, because they are the sponsors and market whores for many things. Horror.

  6. Deep Cower says:

    Someone said jizz.

  7. Catsmeat says:

    It sort of flies in the face of the whole “finger licking good” thing to have him eating a sandwich. I mean, after eating greasy fried chicken? Sure, whatever. But after eating a sandwich? I have a hard time believing that the bun of the KFC Zinger is anything close to “finger licking good.”

    Still, the advert cracked me up. The voice at the very end killed me.

  8. Get a Life says:

    You need to get out of your mom’s basement.

  9. Daniel says:

    When a woman licks a finger it brings up connotations of fellating, the problem is, that is does for men as well. Sadly I am kind of agree about that statement.

    BTW the video is not loading.

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