DJ Sammy is captain of the Windies and sweet as honey

Some of you might think that with Chris Gayle getting removed as captain, the West Indies will lose a certain cool edge.

I can understand, while DJ Sammy has the most perfectly shaped head in human existence, he is not the obvious cool guy that Gayle is.

That doesn’t mean we should write him off straight away, as readers of Sammy’s twitter will know, the man can smut it up with the best of them.

Like this.

Jesus christ was crucified when he was sin less… So I’m entitled to be crucified a million times cause I’m not even worth to tie his lace

Sorry, that was his Johan Botha impersonation.

I meant like this.

Off to bedrock, no honey from the comb cause queen B is not present. Dam I miss that honey to sweeten my juice..

OK, that could be just about honey and juice, but what about this.

My balls will be swinging in and out today and I’ll get the break thru the gully region…but also my fineleg will be closely monitored

Sure, you could read that as a cricket related tweet.  Try the next one.

Finally captain moves me but then puts me MIDwicket….I’m loving my new position No Balls cumming there..

CUM on, this has to be dirty.

This honey from the comb has me fielding at fine leg or slips position..captain please change my position cause the balls getting slippery.

Slippery balls, well you know the dew can be a problem in night games.

Just saw a trail of ants following my marriage footprints..hmmm this means the honey is overflowing…hmm sweet as..

I hope this is sexual, otherwise his lady is oozing actual honey.

If u looking me u can find me when u get the queen bee ..I’m dipping my life in some honey from the honeycomb…sweet as..

More honey.

Daaam honey from the moon taste finger licking good…sweet as

And more honey.

It is possible that in the history of test cricket no test captain has used honey more as a sexual reference on twitter.

I will support Sammy forever if in every press conference he uses the honey metaphor to describe random bits of play.

Or, if he dips himself in honey.

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8 thoughts on “DJ Sammy is captain of the Windies and sweet as honey

  1. Hitesh says:


  2. Sunny says:

    he is getting high on honey?!

  3. Sunny says:

    They didn’t choose Benn for the captaincy. How horrible.

  4. Howe_zat says:

    I for one am stunned that an international cricket captain cannot tie his laces.

  5. getting honey on the ol hangdown. brilliant finds.

  6. The Wrong'Un says:

    This has made me reappraise the honey monster and his cereal.

  7. jamie64 says:

    At least he’s not going to bugger off as soon as someone opens their wallet.

  8. Sunny says:

    @jamie64 – actually he will not bugger off because no one rates him to open their wallets.

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