don’t say the B word

There have been a few times in the last few years when a certain side has done something good.

Some of us have got excited in the past,  we talk them up saying  how this could be the win the makes them legitimate.

The thought of a new test playing nation who can actually play from a country addicted to cricket is enough for us to have nothing but hope.

But no matter how much we talk them up not long after that they go back to being shit and we all get  disappointed again.

So I’m proposing we do something different this time.

Let’s not even mention the team who won, or their win.

Just pretend nothing happened at all.

If they string three good performances in a row, then maybe we can mention their name again.

There is no need to put any extra pressure on them, their just young kids trying to make their way in this world.

Saying their name after impressive performances has never stopped them playing shit shortly after, so hopefully just ignoring their win will be enough for them to keep trying to get us to say their name, instead of getting excited when they do actually win.

It’s a top effort, but if they fall apart next series, it’s a waste of every ones time.


12 thoughts on “don’t say the B word

  1. sheen says:

    did anyone see Bangladesh today? they were awesome.

    They were.

  2. Deep Cower says:

    The team whose name shall not be mentioned should certainly be playing more cricket. An unnamed site that we check scores on everyday tells me that their next game is going to be against the top test team next year in the ultimate tournament, albeit not in the format mentioned. This would make the former unnamed team rather nervous, as the latter would be looking for revenge, given the former beat the latter in a previous edition of the same top tournament that caused the house of the losing captain to be stoned.

  3. raj says:

    What if india lose to nz now?

  4. Rishabh says:

    The team that rhymes with Fangladesh is almost New Zealand, riding on a left-arm spinning all-rounder. They just out-NZ-ed NZ.

  5. GbbG says:

    This probably is the right preparation for NZ and Bangladesh. The Kiwis can continue being rated as shit and then throw up a surprise or 2 in the WC, bangladesh becoming the 1996 Sri Lanka of 2010…

    Wow.. think about it…

  6. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Ha ha Rishabh! Although the Shakibists insisted on not comparing S and D, since S has no clue of captaincy. Well his clue seems sufficient enough to win a series against a minnowish in-tatters-team in Fangladesh’s backyard. It’s a start, especially considering the current whereabouts of the momentum.

  7. Sunny says:

    can we use the T word then? go toygers!

  8. hi says:

    whitewash..must be quite embarassing for nz

  9. knowledge_eater says:

    Shhhhh What happened !

  10. They showed how up and down they can be when they beat England in the summer and then shortly after lost to Ireland and Holland.

    It’s a great effort, but it must be a serious embarrassment to be a Kiwi fan at the moment.

  11. Leg Break says:

    The thing that rubbed it in was when Ian Smith said the team would be “strengthened with the return of Styris”.

    That just doesn’t sound right

  12. The team whose name rhymes with Sangladesh coached by that motivated energizer bunny on steroids whose name rhymes with Biddons has really exceeded expected. Maybe it is to do with the kicking out of that idiotic under achiever whose name rhymes with Crashraful. Good riddance to excess trash.

    The Sangladeshis need to arrange some cricket for themselves. Or else all this momentum will go vanish in the air.

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