Buy Kamran Akmal’s Gloves

There is a brilliant ebay sale going on at the moment, and you all should go there.

It is for match worn Kamran Akmal gloves.

These gloves.

the soft touch

I assume there are other wicket keeping gloves that are match worn on ebay.

Perhaps an old pair of gillys, or some Tim Ambrose signed gloves, it could even be a Partiv Patel pair. There is a lot of match worn gear on the net.

But these are special, because these are the only match worn wicket keeping gloves in history that are still untouched by a cricket ball.

They’ll feel like they’ve been worn, but not used.

There will be no scuff marks, wear and tear, just brand new gloves with the essence of Kamran sprinkled all over them.

Buy them now, only Kamran Akmal can offer match worn keeping gloves in pristine condition.

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9 thoughts on “Buy Kamran Akmal’s Gloves

  1. Sir Paddles says:

    I saw a pair of brand new Kookaburra gloves selling for more than that price. Kamran Akmal’s gloves seem to be a good deal now, especially because they’re still in mint condition.

  2. Lollzz!!
    Reminds me of a Sardar joke!(It’s claimed that a Sardar’s brain can fetch more money in an auction,than those of others;as he rarely uses his Brain!) :P

  3. watfor says:

    The only balls that Mr Akmal has touched with them are his own!

  4. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    This is hilarious, who would want to wear these bringers of misery, or put them in the cabinet? You will start dropping dishes all the time.

  5. Deep Cower says:

    How do you get hold of bizarre news pieces like this? Seriously?

    • jrod says:

      DC, What? You’ve never spent a Saturday afternoon looking for Pakistan memorabilia? I have a freakdar. Tis a gift.

  6. Shaitaan says:

    @ S Ganesh Kumar: Funny, i’ve heard a variant on the sardar joke, except it’s about the South Indian’s penis: How it’s never handled by anyone but himself. Racist jokes are just so funny, aren’t they! “Lollzz!!”

  7. @Shaitaan,the lollzz was posted for Uncle Jrod’s post,the racist joke was not created by me ;nor do I believe in it;I just felt it was quite similar.

  8. Uncle Jrod,may I know who this Shaitaan is? :O

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