The matrix is not real

Mike Hussey’s batting average was once in the 80s, and I believed this was proof of the matrix.

Now it is below 50, and once again we are free to live our life without fear that robotic overlords have given us a false reality in order to use our bodies as batteries.


This is the code that proved to me that the Matrix was indeed a lie.

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9 thoughts on “The matrix is not real

  1. In fairness it’s still better than most of the English top 6 averages, in fact probably all of our top 6.

    Hussey was never going to maintain the level of consistency he had for his first 2 to 3 years in the team, it was a level way too high and was only ever going to head one way.

    It’s still a decent average, but the problem is, is it a terminal decline? Or just a dip in form?

    I’m not too sure on this, but I would say the decline has been going on for around 18 months now and the other issue is given his age, is it now ever going to improve?

    Sachin has shown age to be no boundary. But Mr Cricket is no Sachin, is he!

    He scored a century (with 6 lifes) against Pakistan last January, surely in this day and age it is good enough to keep you in an international team for the next 18 months!

    Or is that just the English cynic in me coming out again?

  2. Growltiger says:

    The real code is provided by the Reverse Cumulative. Last 30 Tests, average 35. 70 with 3 hundreds. Last 40 Tests, average 39.46, with 6 hundreds. These are pretty average long-term stats, getting slowly more ordinary. They would not get Mike Hussey into the England top six.

  3. Don Bradman says:

    Damn, I was good.

  4. hi says:

    robots need oil sometimes, they get rusty. Did you check sehwagology XI of chappel

  5. Vim says:

    The Ashes might do for him, only might though.

    Marcus North scoring ducks till he gets a ton once the Aussies can’t win the Ashes should be distracting enough for Huss to limbo under the selectors’ collective radar yet again.

    They don’t watch matches and you really can’t expect them to do something simple like refer to stats.

  6. BenSix says:

    O/T, but have you seen this nugget?

    As well as boxing sessions, the camp in Germany included hiking and abseiling and was rounded off with a visit to the former Dachau concentration camp.

    What is that all about? “We want you to do to Australia’s batting…

  7. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    A bit of education hasn’t done anybody any harm especially considering the bull most of them emit in public. What’s nuggettish about that. They’d probably never go there on their own. Good thinking from Flower.

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