Nathan Hauritz must be banned from test cricket

During the last day’s play Nathan Hauritz committed cricket’s ultimate sin, chucking.

It was an obvious chuck as he tried desperately to get Australia back in the game.

The ball was the 15degree testing doosra.

The one cricket delivery that gets people bowling topless in Perth with white patches on their chest more than any other.

While some bowlers bowl this ball in such a way that it defeats the batsman, Hauritz’s versions just sort of limped down the wicket and it looked like Sachin knew he was bowling it before he did.

I noticed the doosra before the ball landed, I noticed it because Hauritz clearly changed his action and threw the ball.

Next to me was the bear from test match sofa, who also called the chuck, and then the doosra.  On twitter it seemed that only a handful of people mentioned it.  Google news also has no news of it.

Somehow this doosra has been lost while the media talked about Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting fighting over Hauritz’s stupid field placements.

This could be a conspiracy to cover up a doosra, or just star power overshadowing what to some people might be a fairly uneventful moment in cricket.

This is eventful, majorly eventful.  An Australian is bowling a delivery that Australian’s believe is a chuck.

He is also bowling it in a way that makes it look even more like a chuck that it usually does.

So there is only one thing to do, Cricket Australia must take Nathan Hauritz out of test cricket.

No testing, no remodelling of actions, no ban on bowling a doosra, Australia needs to get old school on this.

They need to treat Hauritz the same way two Victorians were once treated, by taking them out of cricket straight away without any sort of fair hearing.

The Meckiff/Corbett rule should be used so that all we have is some backroom whispers and then lack of Hauritz name on the team sheet.

It should happen just that quick and quietly, like a 1950s hit.

As Australians we take chucking very seriously, and if this means getting rid of our first choice spinner, well that is just the decision we will have to make to keep our integrity.

Sorry, Nathan, but you must go for the greater good.  As much as it pains me.

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17 thoughts on “Nathan Hauritz must be banned from test cricket

  1. Rishabh says:

    Yes, THAT’s why he shouldn’t be playing.

  2. kny789 says:

    Hauritz doosra is like James Kirtleys regular action… noone cares if it’s chucking coz it’s shit anyway.

  3. Homer says:

    It was Ricky Ponting who made him do it (

    And if you are questioning Ricky Ponting’s integrity, you stupid !@#$%^, you have no right to exist on the same planet as he.


  4. Cricket Chick says:

    Let’s get one thing straight kny79 James Kirtley retired from cricket with his reputation intact He was and will always be a cornerstone of Sussex Cricket , Nathan Hauritz is just a cute guy nothing special

  5. yenjvoy says:

    LOL> yes, take him out and preserve Ozzy integrity (now that’s a phrase you don’t hear too often), and any resultant improvement in the quality of the Oz bowling attack is purely coincidental and unintentional. :-D

  6. Basil says:

    Has anyone youtube of Hauritz’s doosra?

  7. hi says:

    video or it didnt happen

  8. kny789 says:

    @CricketChick are you being sarcastic or are you kirtley in disguise?

  9. Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    I have thought for some time now that England have always preferred the thought of facing Hauritz rather than Steve Smith and before this series that looked certain.

    Now after this England might find themselves having to prepare for Smith. In a funny way he is not helping England, as with the standards of his performance there is no way any wickets will be prepared to help a spinner.

    So come on Aussie selectors keep Hauritz in the side.

    After all, we will be persisiting with Paul Collingwood, so you owe us.

    Hauritz has been absolute shite though.

  10. knowledge_eater says:

    Hauritz line and length were shitter than my turd. Good try JRod, we all know he wasn’t. Hiffy guy was swinging and seaming bowl more than Hauritz turning. Even with the clean action, if you are spinner, you suppose to spin. Its better that he doesn’t visit team India, I don’t know how many bowlers career were shorter just because they were hammered by India in India.

  11. Martyd says:

    Not sure how much pain it will cause you but I have to say “like a 1950’s hit” is close to my favourite Jrod quote.

  12. Pete says:

    sending a spinner to India is like sending an American to the Taliban

  13. jogesh99 says:

    Stop splitting Hairs jrod.

    And Ponting’s gutsy, technically improved 70 in the second innings has to be looked at in context – the pitch wasn’t doing much at all when India chased.

  14. Ram5160 says:

    I did see it on TV. It came immediately after the 2 sixes from Sachin in the second innings. But there was no action on the ball- It just went straight on. And on the replay, you could see that the seam was straight up- not his normal seam slanted delivery. Sivaramakrishnan on air called it a Top- Spinner as does Cricinfo.

    Hauritz to Tendulkar, no run, 76.8 kph, a fine topspinner on the middle stump line, Tendulkar adjusts to defend it

    Didn’t see the action though.
    Anyway, I don’t think England are capable of taking him down like India.

  15. Ram5160, very good point. I think so too. Hauritz will play the Ashes, bag a bunch of wickets just like how he did in England and will continue to persist in the lineup.

    I did not see the action too, To me it looked like Tendulkar was surprised by the fact that the ball straightened.

  16. horatius says:


    Tendulkar wasn’t surprised because the ball straightened. He was surprised he didn’t get out to this shite delivery. He usually gifts his wickets to the shittiest of balls when it comes to third-rate spinners.

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