previously at bangalore

Welcome to the Sachin Tendulkar show.


It could have been worse, not much, but worse.  Sachin could have taken a mask off to reveal that he was actually a meat eating alien and swallowed Ben Hilfenhaus whole.


Seemed to enjoy batting against this attack, I can’t see why. Donated a few late wickets to Australia, it seemed that Sachin requested this.  He wants to beat Australia, but he is too classy to actually embarrass this kind of Australian team.

Who’s in front

Theoretically Australia are still in the game, but theoretically space travel is possible.

Play of the day

Nathan Hauritz’s good test continued when all he had to do was hit Tim Paine up with a fairly regulation throw and instead he missed by a long enough margin to make it funny.  If I was Ponting I would have been tempted to bowl him non stop in the last two sessions as punishment.

Testicular moment of the day

How smooth is Murali Vijay?  Very.

Working class moment of the day

When Ben Hilfenhaus first became a professional cricketer he probably thought it would be an easier profession than being a brick layer.  But is it possible he ever lifted a heavier load than Peter George and Nathan Hauritz?  His swearing when his LB shout off Vijay was turned down was high class.  Mumbly swearing to yourself is the best swearing.

Weird factoid of the day

Jason Krejza was mentioned 15478 times in cricket conversations yesterday, and he wasn’t even picked for Tasmania’s game against New Texas.

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4 thoughts on “previously at bangalore

  1. Sunny says:

    shame you didn’t comment on twatto’s pants.

  2. Soulberry says:

    Tim Paine is good.

    Felt sorry for Hilfenhaus. He didn’t quite complain as much as we did. Impressed.

    Keep him in the team.

  3. Vineet says:

    Nice article…. I just loved it….. best part is Play of the day & Punishment…

  4. We may get another interesting 5th day match tomorrow! :D

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