previously at bangalore

Australia and India audition for a role in groundhog day.


Had the best of the first session when India went on strike.  Then scored the least amount of runs possible to get a real advantage.  The bowling started so well that it must have hurt when all hope of a wicket disappeared later on.


When India bat second they seem to almost forfeit the first innings.  What I did like is the way they tried everything they could to make sure that Australia continued to score quickly.  You know what though, Sachin is pretty good.

Who’s in front

Australia should be, but 8 wickets now looks like a mirage to them.  India still have to play really badly to not end up behind.  But I thought that last test, and Australia then bowled really well.  It couldn’t happen again.  Probably.

Play of the day

Ian Gould has one hell of a sense of humour.  Last test he sat back and let Billy take all the heat for a series of stunningly odd umpiring decisions.  Yesterday, he thought he’d do a parody of one. Tim Paine somehow edged a very wide ball, he was a third of the way off when Gould stopped him, and checked on the no ball with his walkie talkie.  It was a no ball, and the KRUD system worked well even without Katich.

Testicular moment of the day

While his batting has become so consistent, duck, duck, duck, golden goose, you have to admire someone who can so regularly save their own ass.  This was also the first hundred by an aussie in this series.  It might have come against a bored bowling unit and faux fielding places, but it was when Australia needed it. Marcus North might be fun to take the piss out of, but the boy danced like no one was watching.  He also rocked a weird painted on grin for the day.

Working class moment of the day

Peter George found out that in test cricket you need way more than faith in the true American idol.  He might have some skill, but it was lost in the tall bundle of nerves that was delivering some truly awful deliveries.

Weird factoid of the day

Sachin Tendulkar became the first test cricketer to score 14017 runs.  Can he become the first batsman to make 14018 today?

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7 thoughts on “previously at bangalore

  1. McWiggan says:

    Correction it was the 2nd Aussie 100 of the series, you’re forgetting watto’s in the first test

  2. Puny Pan says:

    “This was also the first hundred by an aussie in this series.”

    Err….you really hate shane watson, don’t you?
    or maybe I didn’t get the joke?

    nice blog man, keep writing.

  3. Sashank E says:

    Watson hit a century in the first innings. In fact, it’s the Indian batsmen who are yet to score a century this series.

  4. Crownish says:

    twatson scored a hundred

  5. jogesh99 says:

    jrod doesn’t consider him aussie enough.

  6. Crownish says:

    you tell that to my fantasy cricket team

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