Peter George is on a mission from god

Peter George's mateI have no opinion on Peter George as a cricketer, I’ve seen him bowl, but it never stuck in my mind.

So I thought I’d let him speak for himself:

“Cricket is my Mission field, as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, mixing it with players and coaches, my part is to be a shining light and true witness to what the Lord has done for me. My testimony is ‘mine and Susie’s lives’ as people with a Christian faith, who follow Jesus.”

This man isn’t playing for Australia, he is playing for Jesus.

We won’t discriminate against George for being a Christian, I mean it’s his mission field, and that is deep, man.

It should also be pointed out that cricket with balls is my missionary position.

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7 thoughts on “Peter George is on a mission from god

  1. hi says:

    CMON, are you jewish?

  2. Vim says:

    I find him uncomfortable to watch. I’m sure he’s going to snap when he enters into his bowling action. I’ve had to look away a few times.

  3. jogesh99 says:

    a surreal post deserves surreal comments …

  4. horatius says:

    Sarcasm on the internet is lost on the really dim. UncleJ, it looks like we need some sort of training before people are allowed to get onto the internets and waste electrons with the crowd trying to educate them on the basics.

  5. Sriram says:

    He is kinda Norman Bates-ish, don’t you think?

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