AB de Villiers rocks out with stethoscopes

The bio for AB de Villier’s latest song says, “It’s no secret that sports and music are a perfect match”. Isn’t it? Now I feel out of the loop.

So I watched AB’s song to see this sporting musical symmetry that AB hinted at with “show them who you are”.

I’m not going to take you through the whole video, it speaks for it self. Yes it is in Afrikaans, but if you can’t get the song’s message with the subtle video only, they’ve failed in their efforts to be as didactic as possible.

What I want to talk about is not the uplifting message of the song, nor do I want to talk about the effect of when Ampie Du Preez morphs out of AB, even the passing the digital fire scene can be ignored and I’ll even overlook Francoise Du Plessis cameo.

No, what I want to talk about happens at the 34 second mark of the video, and it may be the creepiest thing to ever happen in a soft cock uplifting pseudo chrisitan cricket music video ever.

AB puts a stethoscope on the kid’s neck, the end of the Stethoscope goes straight down the pants* of AB de Villiers.

you're going to grow up nice

what do you hear?

His genitals must be magical though, as that kid grows up to be a doctor.

There is almost nothing missing from this music video; gender stereotyping, creepy interplay with children, Francois Du Plessis, Christian imagery, suicide, soft rock angst, hope, American footballs, slow motion running, rocking out in a mist, wow, it really does have everything.

When people ask is there nothing AB de Villiers can do, we now know the answer is no.

*The stethoscope actually goes into his pocket, but considering the often creep nature of this video, they should have used another pocket.

Thanks to the kind folks at SA cricket blog for showing us this gem.

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6 thoughts on “AB de Villiers rocks out with stethoscopes

  1. Aatif says:

    This is now my ringtone.

  2. Hitesh says:

    WTF…I was more confused after watching it than any bollywood flick has made me….Seriously, bridge jumping scene – Epic!!

  3. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Wow I can’t watch it because my country sucks, or Sony sucks, or whatever. But I’m convinced it is just another reason to shoot any cricketer in the head who thinks he can make music.

  4. knowledge_eater says:

    It had hidden message, that is what can happen to Children who goes to a guy who abstain sex, because that guy love the guy whom they have never seen in there life.

    By the way, Sex and Hunger centers are in same area of the brain. Without Sex we won’t survive. So stop abstaining. Its against the nature. And Nature is God.

    Do That Pope guy comes to CWB? he should read my message. And allow everyone to have a safe sex.

  5. Moses says:

    Good to see the old Afrikaans tradition of having your kids listen to a grown mans testicals is still strong

  6. The MG says:

    OK – that video is totally bizarre. Almost as bizarre as Johan Botha’s tweets.

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